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Bathroom Decor Ideas Pictures

Bathroom Decor Ideas Pictures

just look at this guys, (whistles). the caption says, "you'll never quite live up to her expectations." (laughs) she just like, "aww it's so cute, look at that it's so cute, i didn't know they make them so cute like that they're so small, and petite. i'm just like,

"wait, i'm trying to piss here!" i already get this from my girlfriend, i don't need it from you. you'll never satisfy this lady, you'll never live up to her expectation, that's so sad. how's it going guys, welcome to reaction time. today, we're looking at some bathroom fails these are so awkward. without further ado, let's jump right into them

let's see the next one. the perverted toilet seat. that looks so wrong, that's no yeah, that's that's very, very wrong let's go to the next ... i'm not doing this. couples that shit together, stay together. have you ever heard of true love? this is true love.

both of you guys, taking a shit, at the same time, while kissing each other. ooh, shit! that's disgusting! can you just imagine, you're just like, "hey, honey." she's over here like, "oh, hey honey." "what's up cutie-pooty?" "kiss, kiss, ki...oh!" "kiss?" (makes kissing sounds) ehh, while you guys are like (pooping and kissing)

that is disgusting, you need your privacy. guys, a relationship, should have good hygiene, like that's... ok, who actually made this? would people actually buy a toilet seat like that? "double toilet seat, for every romantic couple, mm..." nasty! i think this is the perfect restroom for those people that are like really ocd,

about whether or not they'll have toilet paper available. like it's okay, sometimes toilet paper runs out, no, no, no man! i'm making a restroom, that has ... a whole lot of toilet paper. "because last time, i didn't have any, and had to walk around the whole day, with poop stuck in my butt. okay, man?" "jesus christ, okay bro!

okay, so how much did you put in it? 2 or 3 rolls?" "no! i put in 20!" that's not even twen... bro, that is at least 30 rolls! oh my god! that's like taco tuesday, is more like taco everyday. jesus christ! really, that's so inappropriate! where is this? no, i'm not gonna go there, i just wanna... i wanna know where it is, you know? so i can experiment!

it's not nothing, nothing bad! i just ... i wanna experiment, ok? that is so scary! that is so scary but so cool at the same time! imagine the glass like shattering. this is actually a very, very creative and great way to speed them up. anyone that's scared of like falling into that.

it's a great way to speed them up, they're just gonna be like, "whoawh my god!" i'm so, oh my god, i have to shit real quick, okay, ... uh, i'm nervous now! you know when you're nervous, and you can't like you can't just poop, you're just like, "god damn it, i'm gonna fall!" i'm gonna fa-

okay now, ooh, ooh, that was an accident. it worked! just hurry up and get in and get out. i would not trust the glass, i don't know how thick it is. how many dudes does it take to pee in one restroom? well, in this one, it's four. they're all gonna be butt-to-butt, next to each other. can you guys just imagine, they're all butt-to-butt, just like... "alright,

taking, a leak, you guys done yet? no?" another dirty one! (claps hand) wow, where where are these restrooms? guys, it's for experimentation purposes. i told you that three times already, okay? okay, this is a toilet throne, that's actually a really, really creative and cool. like i would actually wanna like,

do #2 there, like i would wanna go there and just be like, let me take my steps up there, okay. (cheering) thank you, thank you. very nice, very nice alright let's sit down here. ooh! (cheering up until now) alright, this has to be some type of parody, what is this? that's a complete joke!

look at this! first of all, you're peeing into like a cone! it's a cone toilet! you're completely exposed to these toilets that are making funny expressions... at your wee-wee, saying it's like small, look at her! the girl with the glasses, she's like she's like, "where is it?" it's like the first picture we've seen.

"it's so small (in a funny voice) ueh heha! that's it? oh it's so cute, it's so cu-" wow! (in normal voice) that's so awkward. second, you don't have any dividers. so, you're just, you're basically peeing and there's no dividers. you see another guy's, you know... and if it's bigger than yours... (sad music) completely ruins your self-confidence.

let's go to the next one. there's so many diy videos on youtube, they're super creative. why not a diy toilet? like this one! it's called shit in a cone! ooooh, guys thank you so much for watching this video, if you wanna see some bathroom and toilet fails, make sure to go to the link down below, it'll take you

to the article where i got these photos from. with that being said, i'll see you guys next time. make sure to click on another video or click the circle to subscribe if you're new to the channel. and yes, it works on your phone too. have a good one guys, and peace out! it's a micro toilet! ooh, it's a micro toilet for your micro penis. wow.

Bathroom Decor Ideas Pictures

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