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Bathroom Design And Renovations

Bathroom Design And Renovations

• from bending over porcelain arses to toiletsthat judge the size of your penis, we count 10 more bizarre toilets from around the world.10 - arse, • where do i even begin? well, with somethingthat isn’t a toilet of course; that is unless you made the ‘amazing’ discovery thatall pipes end in the same place, so it only makes practical and hygienic sense to pissin the sink. • but really, these are found in a publictoilet somewhere in the world and the comments on the internet seem to think that this wouldencourage men to wash their hands. • yeah… they really didn’t think thisone through: there are plenty of filthy perverts for sure, but that only ensures that at leastone sad man will leave a sticky surprise on

those cheeks… and guess where that stainis going to end up on the next person to wash-up? • try and explain that one to your mates.9 – crusty saltiness, • public toilets never look very nice andi personally have little issue with this as long as they’re clean; it’s not like theact of pooping is all that nice in the first place is it?• but one man in new zealand challenged that trend and decided to make a public toiletthat evoked the ‘crusty saltiness of the sea’, no that isn’t a joke, this is aliteral quote from the creators. • what is it even meant to be? all i cansee is a dinosaur butt, which is appropriate in some ways, but it certainly doesn’t makeme think of the crusty saltiness of the sea,

but hey, at least it’s insanely roomy.8 – tits, • so ‘sexy’ is a surprisingly commontheme for novelty loos and i have a theory: they actually want us to jerk off in the toiletsbecause it reduces randy-ness, but it’s also cheaper to scrape sperm off the wallsthan to pay for a deposit at a bank and some porn magazines.• or if you don’t have a tin foil hat for each day of the week, perhaps they’retaking the high-art of urinal graffiti too seriously, next thing you know the cubicleswill come with cock and balls wallpaper pre-installed. 7 – she wee,• yes it’s new zealand again and it still has nothing to do with sheep, this time it’sall about size, no the toilets aren’t particularly

large or small, just like my penis.• instead there’s this wallpaper. obviously they’re meant to be looking impressed, exceptfor that women on the right, she’s clearly taking a piddle with a she-wee and is blownaway by the authentic male experience. 6 – urinal gaming,• if you’re not a hipster or a grandpa then you’ve played a phone game on the toilet,and i don’t care if you claim otherwise because neither i, nor the internet, willbelieve you. • captive media decided to take mattersinto their own hands and out of yours with a urinal that allows you to play games witha little precision and a squirt of your hose. • the games range from a trivia challengecalled ‘clever dick’ to a game where you

pee-paint with colours other than transparentyellow. the best part is that there are online leader-boards taking the ‘dick waving contest’metaphor to a whole new level. 5 – incredibly public toilets,• easily my favourite thing to find in a public toilet is a cubical with no doors,i mean who doesn’t want as many people as possible to see you pee?• amsterdam clearly agrees with me since they decided that if prostitutes don’t getprivacy, why should urinating men? • these incredibly public urinals are avery real thing and this guy is clearly all about it, just look at his face, look at howhappy he is about peeing while anyone could watch, or say take a photo of him with orwithout his permission.

4 – sterile workplace,• i don’t know about you, but when i take a toilet break at work, i calculate exactlyhow much i’m being paid to squeeze excrement from my more intimate sphincter.• but wouldn’t you know that someone out there decided to put an end to this gloriouspass-time by installing a computer in the crapper.• the most impressive thing is that it was clearly done in the nineties or early naughtiessince it required them to hook up a crt and fax machine, at least they were kind enoughto put in an ergonomic seat cover. • then again, maybe i got it all wrong andthe company is even cheaper than i thought and instead of getting a bigger building theydecided that those toilets could be a great

place for the intern to hate the world justthat little bit more. 3 – pretty sure this is blasphemy on likeeight levels, • want to pray to the virgin mary but don’thave time to go to church? you have a few options, buy a rosary, listen to the audioversion of the bible read out by morgan freeman, or pee into a porcelain shrine of her.• in all seriousness i have no clue if this is sacrilegious or blasphemous or whatever,but i’m pretty sure it is since you’re peeing on a holy idol, i mean china has someweird bootleg products, but this one is going to piss some people off.2 – peeple watching, • another artist decided to change the wayyou crap with ‘don’t miss a sec’, you

might assume this means that there’s a monitorwith the news inside or something, but you would be horribly wrong.• monica bon-vi-chi-knee decided that a one way mirror would be the best way to doa deuce, luckily she was wise enough to make it an inside-to-outside view.• personally i’d wait for someone to go in, stand outside of it and stare inside,watching, unblinking, constantly mouthing the words ‘i can see your sixth little piggy.’1 – no privacy • paying to use a toilet is insane, butyet it exists all over the world, i’ve personally never come across it myself, but apparentlythis is an actual thing that people have to pay for.• it’s not a relic of the past either,

a public toilet opened in madison square,new york in 2008 and it was opened with a ceremony, but that’s not the worst partabout this toilet. • it doesn’t even have a seat, just lookat that… oh yeah it also opens the doors after fifteen minutes whether your pants areon or not, but that’s beside the point.

Bathroom Design And Renovations

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