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Bathroom & Toilet Design

Bathroom & Toilet Design

hey michael here. let me ask you a question do you have a problem with mold in your bathroom? i'm gonna show you some tips on how to keep mold from growing in your bathroom. stay tuned. singing in the rain singing in the rain, oh what a wonderful...oh! okay the first they were gonnatalk about is an exhaust fan alright while you're showering i knowit's hot and steamy in that bathroom but especially in the winter time youknow all the fixtures and the mirror and

everything is cold so you're gonna need to get as muchsteam out of the bathroom as possible so that they don't sweat and condensate and cause more problems around thosefixtures so we want to run an exhaustfan all the time the entire time you'reshowering plus up to 30 minutes after you shower now iknow it's cold or can be if you're like me love a hotsteamy shower running an exhaust fan is the worst thing you want to do you want tokeep that steam in

but i encourage you let that be thefirst step to preventing mold in your bathroom is installing a really good exhaust fanand make sure that exhaust fan is actually exhaustingto the outside if it's in your attic run it to the thesoffit vent or to the ridge vent or if it's in a downstairs bathroom makesure it's running all the exhaust to the outside and notto another living space okay so that's step 1. okay step 2 for controlling moisture and preventingmold in your bathroom is to make sure

that your faucets are not dripping okay if you've got a little tiny drip orsomething like that in your faucet get this fixed immediately it's amazinghow much evaporation happens from these thingsand the more humidity in the bathroom the more likely that humiditycan cause secondary damage on your drywall in on your ceiling and cause mold so get these things fixed as quickly aspossible if you notice a leak one other thing is if you notice yourtoilet leaking or running on a continuous basis get that fixed as well

and try to check around the flange inthe toilet if you see any water coming out from underneath the toilet oranything like that get that fixed as quickly as possible call a local plumber or go on some do it yourself websites to learn how to do that sort of thing okay step 3: here's a really easy way to get waterout your bathroom quickly what you want to do is even they got theexhaust fan running you got your plumbing fixed if you don't get rid of the water that'scompensated on the inside your shower

quickly it could take forever for thatwater to move out of the exhaust fan say hello to the shower squeegee thislittle guy is amazing it's $4 to $5 at the boxstore and you just use this thing and you squeegee the water off at you get in showering and this pushes all the water down intothe tub so you don't have to worry about allthis evaporating so we're pushing as much as this waterdown the drain as possible so that's what this is all about be sureto get your little $4 squeegee and this is a great tool to use in yourshower it may take a little while to get

used to sqeegeeing after every showertrust me it's a habit that that took a while for me to get used tobut just make it a habit teach your kids to do it and and it'll save you a lotof problems in your exhaust fan actually won't have to run as long okay step 4: to getting more water outof the bathroom as quickly as possible to help prevent mold is the shower mat all right now if yougotta shower mat in your bathroom because you're concerned about fallingor for whatever reason first of all the

shower mat can grow mold so you gotta get a shower mat dry so letme show you a little trick i've learned on how to take care of a shower mat and i wanna show you also how much watergets stuck under the shower mat so here we go take a look at this here's a basicshower mat made by rubbermaid watch all this water that stuck underneath that shower matokay so what you do is you just pull that water up and let that water drain

and then you can take it in kinda stickit to the side of the bath tub just like that and it creates air flowunderneath the shower mat this way the shower mat doesn't getdoesn't stay wet and moldy and it gets all that water that was under the showermat down into the drain then take your squeegee and get the restof the water down into the drain just like that thisis also going to help get rid a soap scum and different thingslike this you don't have to clean the shower the bath as often

so hopefully that's a good way to getmore water at the bathroom okay now we're on step five now this one probably isn't one thatyou're gonna do every day if you're thinking about doing a smallremodel in your bathroom or perhaps just repainting yourbathroom a good idea is to put a mold and mildew resistant chemical in the paint and what i like is a is aproduct called m-1 m-1 is available at a probably home depot, lowes, ace hardware places like that and it's an additivethat you put inside the paint

that actually helps mold or prevents mold i should say from growing on the paint remember this is your secondary area themore steam that you have in your the wetter this paint is gonna get and ifthis paint stays wet and it doesn't have a mildew resistantability then it's going to grow mold so you want to make sure that you treatyour paint with a mildew resistant product so that way the pain itself will stand up against mold so i hopethat helps thanks again for watching

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Bathroom & Toilet Design

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