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Bathroom Designs India Images

Bathroom Designs India Images

beat him. he should not escape. - thrash him.- don't spare him. today we will teach him a lesson. 'two questions always arisein the human mind.' - 'why are we born, when will we die?'- hey, wait. 'one doesn't need to findthe answer to the first question.' 'we don't think about findingthe answer to the second.' 'but that day i was helplessto find the answer.'

'my countdown in the fightbetween life and death had begun.' hey, wait. 'i had two ways. beat or get beaten.' 'i have to answer many people.' 'i had accepted a challengefour weeks earlier.' 'a village consistingof five thousand inhabitants.' 'a goon who had six hundred soldiers.' 'and who wanted to get hissister married to me forcefully.' kill him.

'eight thousand yardsof land changed my life.' 'i have only nineminutes at my disposal.' 'in these nine minutes,i have to get back my lost love.' 'i have to return myfamily its lost prestige.' 'but my death is ten metres from me.' 'every tale has a hero. but one becomes a hero only..' '..when he successfully overcomesthe hurdles in front of him.' 'this is my story.'

'my father brought me up lovingly.' 'satyamurthy. he started lifewith an initial amount of rs. 30,000.' 'he invested those 30,000 in theright manner in the stock market..' '..and turned them into 300 crores.' 'he loved everyone.' 'even if someone lied to himhe would help him financially.' 'listen, i'm reachingmiramar in half an hour.' 'we'll enjoy all night long.' greetings, sir.

papa, why do you givemoney to just about anyone? his wife is unwell and isin the hospital since many days. nobody is unwell. he is going to thebeer bar to enjoy with his friends. until when will keepgetting fooled, papa? 'at that moment the reply i got frommy papa is one i will never forget.' in my childhood, my father used.. tell me the storyof a tiger and a child. a child used to troublehis father by crying out loud.. .."the tiger has come."

his father would gobut there was no tiger. the third time a tiger reallydid appear, but his father didn't. he thought he was lying as usual. and the tiger devoured the child. the third time alsohe would have surely gone. but why didn't he? becausethat father had lost his faith. is lies more important than a life? do you know? one shouldn't use hishead to cheat someone..

..neither to risk someone's life. it should be usedin the right manner.. ..with rationallyand not irrationally. 'papa's belief isdifferent from the world.' 'according to him awife is a responsibility..' '..and children a burdenwhich we must carry.' 'but if you ask me mypapa means the world to me.' 'i was 27 when i got engaged.pallavi.' 'pallavi.'

'papa liked the girlso even i gave my consent.' 'pallavi's father liked our property,so he liked me.' 'i was unable to gauge whetherpallavi approved of the relation.' 'because she was quiet.' 'so even i remained quiet..' '..and left for barcelonato enjoy my last bachelor holiday.' "one and two and three and four." "everybody put yourselfon the dance floor." "the heart wants a lot more.let's see what life has in store."

- hello.- "son, your father is no more." 'hearing about papa'sdeath changed my entire life.' 'i was in deep shock.' sir, the bill please. down. 'after that lifetook a turn downwards.' 'first i came down in the lift.' 'then i got down fromthe car at the airport.' 'then in india wheni alighted the aircraft.' 'papa's corpse was alightedfrom the ambulance.'

'the company's shares saw a downfall.' 'father had invested around400 crores in various companies.' 'not only that, he had also takena loan of 250 crores from the bank.' 'due to the crash in the global marketthe value of our shares went to nil.' 'i rendered papa's ashes in the lost all his will power.' he was in deep shock.' 'relatives said he had become crazy.' 'a month after papa left usthe house was filled with people.' 'in this crowd there were lesspeople who had come to sympathise..'

'..and more people who were scared..' '..whether we would beable to pay our debts or not.' 'my sister-in-law and her fatheradvised me to join the office.' 'i had often entered thatroom when papa was alive.' 'but i had least expectedthat my life would change..' ' this manner wheni entered it this time.' 'mohan kumar mishra. he looks weird but ismore so in his behaviour.' 'papa used to say thathe was not a good man.'

'neither was he my papa'sfriend nor business partner.' 'he was just an acquaintance.' 'when his father expiredhe didn't go for the funeral.' 'he went on the next daybecause the airfare was cheaper.' 'people jog in the morningbut he goes jogging at night..' ' that no onecomes to him for a loan.' '15 years ago hiswife had purchased..' '..ten grams of goldwithout his knowing.' 'after that the price ofgold had dropped by rs. 500.'

'he got so angry with her thathe completely stopped talking to her.' 'after that the priceof gold went up again.' 'and even the distancebetween both of them increased.' 'they converse not with their mouthsbut through chits stuck on the walls.' 'mohan kumar's entry afterpapa's death left me wondering.' had he lived for another five years..' '..then everythingwould have been in place. now his income and debtsare balancing the weighing scale. all the money in thereal estate has got trapped.

60 projects are leftundone in between. even after selling the house,car, policies, deposits.., paintings and allthe debts will not be cleared. if you plan to sell allthis and become beggars then.. ..but this isn't necessary.i have a solution for it. the value of the sharesyou have just now are nil. they are nothing more than scrap. so hand over those sharesto the bank as guarantee.. ..and transfer the house,jewellery and the remaining property.. your mother andsister-in-law's name. live the rest of your lifewith the 100 crores property. tell the debtorsthat you have no money. if they create a hue and cry then.. ..tell them that yourfather had taken the loan.. ..and it has nothing to do with you. declare yourself bankrupt andget yourself out of this situation. this is nothing new.the rich often play such games. keep quiet for two-three years and..

..quietly run yourbusiness in the background. but doing that willruin papa's respect. - he himself got ruined.- sir, please.. tell me one thing.what is your problem? sir, is it right to breakthe trust people have in papa? is it right to bringyour family to beg? whatever you might saybut i won't be convinced. - it's against my values.- values? is it right to destroyyour family on..

..the pretext of preservingthe false prestige of these values? sir, it is my duty to repay the debts. and intelligence to avoid it. if i did that then peoplewould think of my papa as a criminal. sir, whenever someoneremembers my papa.. should be for hisgoodness and not otherwise. if you sign these papers youwill be responsible for the debts. but if you do any suchthing then i would consider.. to be the biggest fool.

300 signature will decide it all. whether you will residein walkeshwar or mira road. whether you will travel ina rolls royce or in a crowded bus. you will eat in ahotel or at the temple. this one signaturecan change your fate. hence think once again. he kept what was not neededand gave away what was important. he has stopped thinking rationally. now you decide the fateof your daughter sensibly.

i don't know if this is theright time to broach the subject. i don't understand. but if i don't say it now thenunnecessarily you will have hope.. ..that next month youwill be getting married. this engagement is broken. please tell your mother.pallavi. 'pallavi. when i adorned herwith the ring on our engagement..' '..she was quiet.' 'i thought she was shy. but sheis quiet even when she is leaving me.'

'wonder what it means?' he gave away all theproperty to the bank. even this house is no more ours. son-in-law will notcome out of this shock. and the entire family is in shock.. ..because of thisdecision taken by bunny. listen to me.come back to me with the children. we will file for have a long life ahead of you. why do you want to waste it?

dear, say something. bunny, father is leaving. - please see him off till the car.- i can find my way. come on. will you have coffee? i do. i am having a headachewith his senseless talks. 'we cannot ignore what is happening.' 'sister-in-law had achance to leave from here.' 'but even then shechose to live with us.'

'she gave away her watchand jewellery to repay the debt.' 'what can i give a womanwith such a big heart?' uncle. 'if i can bring upmy niece in a decent way..' '..then i might be ableto repay sister-in-law's debt.' the leg space in this5 series bmw is very less. we will tell papato order a 7 series bmw. okay, brother. 'if you win a one crore lottery, youhave to give away 30 lakhs as tax.'

'hence it is said you cannotget luck without discount.' 'but bad luck comes with a bonus.' why? 'my niece didn't like the housebut she doesn't know how to voice it.' 'sister-in-law didn't likethe house but she won't say anything.' 'mother has no wishes left so thereis no question of like or dislike.' 'brother is talkingto his secretary john.' 'only he can see john.' 'that's because johnhas resigned a month ago.'

'that is what a psychiatristis trying to explain got brother.' 'he charges a huge fee.but we have to get him treated.' we need to follow the it, john? what happened, pari?why are you looking so sad? i do not like this house. well neither do i. hopeless. but we will have to livein this house for a year. why so?

that is because 100 specialchildren will get selected in mumbai. a channel wants to makea reality game show with them. - game?- yes, game. he who studies well and obeyshis mother will get wonderful points. whoever gets the maximumpoints will get a big gift. if you win then we will getback our cars and our bungalow. - will i get chocolates?- plenty of them. these many? these.. these.. these many such that..

i am the owner of this flat. greetings, madam. i knew your husband. years ago i had gone to himfor a job for my brother-in-law. he that time he was a wealthy man. but all on debts. even though he hadpennies in his pocket.. ..he would take loansworth crores and live lavishly. big cars, big mansion..

..when the account camein the open after he expired.. ..the entire familycame on the streets. he must have spent hismoney in the wrong things. after papa has gone jokesno longer seems like jokes. perhaps earlier i would have laughedout loud on this bad joke of yours. would you care to have something? you will get your rent on time. there is no need foryou to come here. please.. remove everything you have.

why is he laughing? why are you laughing? did you find a beggarlike me only to rob? aren't you scared of knives? - no.- come here, give me a hug. - come.- leave me. silly beggar wasted my time. drive faster. normally she is good but..

..she was talking aboutparticipating in some reality show. there are some channel peopleliving in your walkeshwar house. your car showroomis being used as a set. and she also said that whenthe show gets over after a year.. will get back all your stuff. she already lies so much.what will she do when she grows up? madam.. does anyone have mental orpsychological problems in your family? who doesn't have problems?

but a successfulbusiness in known from.. ..its ability to keep workingin spite of the problems. our company's growth hasbeen more than 50% in one year. we have put in 400crores in the market. within a year our share priceswill increase by not 2% but 3%. i hope you all.. who are you?what is she doing in my cabin, john? he is right. i understood. - excuse me.- yes.

term fees are remaining. the total comes to two lakhsincluding transport and books. two lakhs? you will have to pay by month end. month end. we will also give you a reminder. that won't be necessary. the amount is so bigthat i won't forget.. ..and time is so lessthat it will act as a reminder.

do not worry. she asked for the fees, isn't it? how much? take this. should we change the school? no, sister-in-law, we willhave to change the way we live. you don't have pennies in yourpocket and you want a loan of lakhs? wow! amazing! in such a situation even yourfriends will not answer your calls.

cut the call and let me live at peace. what happened? why are you going? my story is similar to theone you heard on the phone just now. - so even you require a loan?- by month end. at least sit and discuss the matter.sit, friend. now listen. next week ihave to arrange a wedding in ooty. thank you. you have to look afterthe entire arrangement.. ..and give a solo performance.

it's as simple as we usedto do in college. you're a killer. - is that all?- not yet. after that you have to talkpolitely with everyone at the wedding. just the way you usedto talk to girls in college. - that's enough.- all right. take this. 'he hasn't forgotten anything.' first the 'henna' thenthe 'sangeet' ceremony. people get drunk and danceand become two from one and mess up. you just have to be thereand manage everything. nothing more.

in the end they will giveyou a cheque of ten lakhs. five yours and five mine. okay? will you make me cry now? i thought you wouldn't helpme because we were rivals in college. don't speak nonsense. i am your friend. i might not give my life foryou but i can give you a partnership. - have fun.- thanks, friend. good morning, sir.

- why are you late?- sorry, sir. i got stuck in trafficgetting bread and jam. why are you late? param, why are you lookingdull in the morning? life takes unexpected turns. even i had manyservants waiting on me. today i am your servant. there is nothing to cry in that. we are poor but even then the companyhas given us expensive clothes..

..and a free super car. imported whiskey willbe available in the wedding.. ..and a disco jockey willbe there in the 'henna' ceremony. really? i like your excitement. yesterday i had rs. 200 in my pocket.. ..and today i have acontract worth five lakhs. the next will be of ten lakhs. after that 25.

12.5 will be oursand 12.5 will be his. then why do partnership with him? - what are you saying?- yes. we will form our own company. - what are you talking?- business. within a year we'lltouch crores then.. ..we'll remove apublication of 100 crores. we'll have an office in every city. isn't this a bit too much?

- the location has arrived.- hi, sir. this is sameera. - how are you?- your id cards. - param, continue your plan.- give it. yes, i will. if we continue this fora few years then 100 crores. you won't need to performin other peoples marriages. perform in your own wedding. marriage is the root of destruction. what was the name of thegirl with whom you were engaged?

her name was pallavi kolasani. she ditched you. your wedding party shouldpass from under her house. and she should seefrom the window and repent. she must shed tears for missingsuch a rich boy she should be wailingso much that it causes a flood. what was her name? how many times to sayit was pallavi kolasani? that means first p and then k?

of course p comes first and then k.. "pallavi kolasani!" wait a minute. hello. this is the same girlwith whom i was engaged.. ..and then her fatherbroke the engagement. i can't stay here.what have you done? okay. so you saw the board? what have you got me into?

- i won't stay here.- do you want five lakhs? why did you stop? will anyone give youa job till month end? - no.- so.. this is not done, friend. i was wooing a girlin college for three years. and you said feelmy love and she felt.. so strongly that shewouldn't even answer my calls. you booked a corner seatand took her to the movies..

..and asked me to getpopcorn in the interval. wasn't that wrong? i thought you hadforgotten everything. not in this life. revenge is revenge. tomorrow when her husbandties the nuptial necklace.. will be standingbehind and decorating the place. you indeed made me cry, silly boy. is this the bride? so much decoration for this girl?

i don't know whetheryou will get married or not. in the meantime we haveto dance in her wedding.. ..isn't that what you meant? - i understood.- param, i won't spare.. listen to me. the boy will be baldand will have a big tummy. he will have a flat inwalkeshwar and fat on his body. and that is the fact. note it. - who is this now?- do you want to try this?

- it's a nice style.- is he the bridegroom? looks like. he looks even more handsome than you. okay, this will look good on you. mind you i don't wantanything old fashioned.. i will not spare you.. - it's okay. you had said the bridegroomwill be a baldy with a big tummy. - leave my neck. it's hurting.- keep quiet! keep quiet! just listen to me.

- what?- see, brother. i agree shahrukh is handsomebut kajol loves ajay devgan. similarly you areset in pallavi's heart. actually.. why are you here? she wanted to ask whendid you come but asked why? beautiful. what? seeing you here like thissent a shock to my friend. - what?- isn't it?

actually i love yogesh very much. you are my love.. bye. - you are my beloved.- what are you searching for? - this.- flee, param. yes, i spoke to him. he said.. just a minute. i'll call back. - what's this?- cutting, sir. - why?- cleaning, sir.

i am not talking about this?why are you here? have you come to attendthe wedding or break it? to make arrangements, sir. tell me how much moneydo you want to leave from here? five lakhs his and five lakhs mine. i am not concerned who gets how much. go, i will call someoneelse for the arrangements. all right.where are you going? the gate's that way.

i know but the groomis on this side, right? yes, so? actually you broke our engagementafter my father's death.. ..because we lost all our propertyand so you took pallavi away. if i didn't disclose this toyogesh wouldn't it be cheating, sir? meaning? what are you saying? - brother-in-law..- i mean.. people have startedcalling hmt jestingly. - is it?- yes.. habits are suchthat people become helpless. why not, sir?you are so punctual after all. people see you and set their watches. - it's 10 o' clock. time to have juice.- okay. come. - vijay and his rules..- rules should be followed. wait. - should i tell yogesh or not?- no. then you do your work..

..and let me do minewithout interfering, uncle. if girls drink and smokebut naturally they will fall ill. smoking and drinking is injurious. if a girl drinks andsmokes and shows attitude.. ..then doomsday is not far. forget it. how does it concern us? so did you smoke? no, i didn't. there are no lipstickmarks means you didn't.

i told you. a beautiful girl is sittingnext to you and you are smoking? if there was another genthe would have given me company. i would have to spend. since it's you i don't have tospend and i am having company as well. absolute money's worth. everybody stay in your positions. drunkard sameera. - what, sir?- no, nothing.

- not you.- okay, sir. 'i think the sugarlevel has again gone down.' 'i should take thetablets and eat something.' she is having some medicine there. it isn't medicine. drugs. what happens after consuming drugs? the walk changes. her walk is indeed superb. - the effect has started.- she will laugh aloud.

she is laughing. further? she will behave weird. yes, she is. 'do people fall solow after consuming drugs?' don't breathe a wordabout this to anyone. you mean the drinking and smoking? - i mean falling down the stairs.- oh! if this is to be told thenwe will say the girl fell down, right? - yes.- then people will ask for whom?

if we say she slipped.they will say with whom? - won't it sound vulgar?- very vulgar. - hence please don't say a word.- i won't. sameera, are you all right? i heard you fell down the stairs.take care, child. we will put a chandelier here. you told him, didn't you?speak the truth. what were you chatting with her about? - generally.- we are here to arrange a wedding..

..not set things for you. just listen..she fell from the stairs, you know? - fell down from the stairs?- yes. if you told him then how did he know? - flashback isn't over.- hurry up with it. are both of you whilingaway the time instead of working? - no, sir.- you know sameera? what about her? she fell from the stairs.

- dear?- yes. you fell down the stairs, didn't you? come let me apply some balm. the henna ceremony has startedand you are chatting away. pallavi's friend sameerafell down the stairs. oh my! does anyone else know? who's this guy? - who?- the one over there.

come, come. fast. - what has he done?- irritated me. thank god i was saved. that's why i agreed to marry yogesh.. ..and broke my engagement with him. you have a broken engagement with him? did i make a mistake? actually.. you did the right thing.

ms sameera.. what did i do to irritate you? were you eavesdropping? then how did you knowabout our conversation? instead of your phoneyou took my walkie-talkie. sorry. sameera.. madam. nice dress. thank you, sir.

don't get excited. concentrate. sorry, sir. the land is only worth 10 crores. it's nothing comparedto your other properties. i bought it for ten.the value now is 20. outer ring road falls there.8000 square yards. it will rise to 30 crores. you are right butthere is some issue so.. that's why a board hasbeen put up in my property..

..and you are scaredto talk about it with him? on top of it you call yourselfthe judge of the supreme court. your fees for an will talk now, won't you? speak. - hello.- yes, mr. advocate. "is everything all right?" all well. how are you, sir? "forget about me.tell me why you called?" there is a site of 8000 square yards.

where? the one belongingto mohan kumar mishra. which one? the two acres on the old turning. - yours. yours.- "yes." i just saw it. it's a wonderful site. start the car. - i can't talk to him.- stop the car. - get down.- what?

- get down.- here? leave me further.i won't even get a bus here. you will lose some weightand diesel will be less utilized. you are hopeless. get down. - give me my cheque.- here. stick it. to get flowers we had to roam a lot.. ..but to get imported whiskeywe found so many brands in one place. india has indeeddeveloped a great deal. wait!

i am getting awesome smell.i will just take a sip. - are you drunk?- i have drunk less today. if i don't drink i can't function. hey.. awesome. - i had 2 ml. how do i look?- wow! what a medical miracle. you are nature's miracle, sir. i will show you many moirã© miracles.

take me along. where will we have totake you to see miracles? i am going for the weddingof a girl named pallavi. sir, we are lookingafter the arrangements. yes, our bad luck is bad. hop in. by the way how areyou related to pallavi? my younger brother's daughter. yes, my own brother's daughter. so why didn't he come to fetch youinstead of leaving you on the road?

my brother and i don'thave good relations. what happened, sir? our father left 125acres of land to us. we used to do business together. we suffered losses and thought ofselling the land to repay the money. okay. we called the registrarto sell 65 acres of land. when i asked him to sign.. ..he said why should isign for your half of the land?

just hearing this gave you a shock. imagine what i must have gone through? - don't you have kids?- i have a son. why didn't you get him here? - brother.- ajay. how are you, brother? receive the guests. we are talking aboutyou since a couple of days. ajay, even if i am not presenthere but my heart is with you all.

tell me where is pallavi? she is inside. mr. sharma, please come. my son is like me. neverdoes drama so i didn't get him here. i hope you got your answers. - i will take your leave now.- yes. dear, i heard you fell fromthe stairs yesterday. be careful. don't let your eyes wander. who tied that thread there?

please work properly. - wow!- he and here? although you didn't listen to me,but you did escalate. mr. mohan. you got the allianceand have come so late. - now i am here.- hello, sir. - how are you?- i am fine. meet my cousin. - hello.- hi, uncle.

- thanks for coming.- the most eligible bridegroom. else there are others who dareto throw even a one crore lottery. saying the colour is not nice. - didn't understand, did you?- no. i give an example? please come down from the everest. please show your handsomeface to everyone. look here, son, he is a live example. i told him to declare bankruptcyafter his father's death..

..but he refused. - what was the word..- values. - values.- yes. yes values. he stuck tothat word and donated 300 crores. - oh god!- what? you should say godif you earn so much money. but if you lose it all then.. should say, "oh my god!" what is sensible?to make money or lose it?

in life is it importantto win or lose? actually if he would haveobliged then today your marriage.. mohan, come with me.let's meet that gentleman. what happened? look, don't mention anythingabout pallavi and bunny. if they learn of it theywill break the marriage. what if the marriage doesnot work and he leaves her back? even then his entire propertywill be in my daughter's name. its marriage and hearing aboutdivorce and alimony is disgusting.

we are concerned with the property. whether we get it todayor after the divorce. aren't you feeling bad doingsuch jobs in pallavi's wedding? i love my father a lot. so much that i wouldcall him more often than.. would his girlfriendwhen i was studying masters in london. i didn't feel anything after he left. everyone.. after he left everyonecried but not me.

not a tear fell from my eyes. if.. tears declarehow much we love someone.. ..then even if i cry all my life.. won't be enoughto show my love for him. i.. i feel like iam a cold hearted human. i have no emotions. i loved my father so much that.. ..i don't think hehas left me and gone away. he is not with the otherstoday hence they cry.

but he is with you alwayshence you don't need to cry. men don't look good crying, isn't it? it's time for the party.aren't you going? won't you come? it's okay if a drunkard doesn'tattend but a waiter has to be there. i will definitely come. see you there. sir, how come you stillhave black hair at this age? if i dye they will become black,won't they? oh.. ok.

anand, one second bro. meet him, he is viraj. - hi, bro.- he is the last sample of values. it's not easy to meetsuch people nowadays. - forget it, you also..- bro. what say? how about a nice speech? - hey, yogesh..- don't be shy. - come on.- come on. - come on.- speak out your heart.

a friend of mine who hasloads of money today questioned me. in what does greatness lie? to give or to take? what is important? winning or losing? ravan kidnapped sita. ram killed him. had he stayed away fromsita he would not have died. kauravs won the gamblebut lost the war. had they lost the gamble.. ..then all the brothers couldhave happily partied all their life.

no, nothing. so sometimes it's betterto leave than to get. it is better to lose than win. what a lovely thought, sir. well said. sir, he is so sensibleat such a young age. it's one thing to narratestories of gods and goddesses.. ..and another to live life. - mohan, how is the party?- awful! don't call me to sucha senseless party next time.

is this whiskey or water? move. mohan, hey..why are you talking like this? mohan, wait. have a drink. nothing happens in one peg. sameera. - very good.- hey, no. - sameera.- what are you doing? - i..- nothing happens. one more.

hey, subalaxmi. - subalaxmi!- that's her real name. what a sexy name. subalaxmi. dance with me. "dance like there is no tomorrow." "well, i didn't see that come." "man. man." "come to the party, subalaxmi."

"welcome to the party, appa touch me." "girls and boys, make some noise." "i'm the best choicelike the rolls royce." "hello angels, try me once." "you will not get any chance again." "welcome to the party, hey..touch me." "jack and jill,let's have some thrill." "hey, beautiful,you got the looks to kill." "open your heart,do the rock and roll."

"take a peg,forget everything baby doll." "welcome to the party, appa.." - my head is roaming. order coffee.- hey, listen.. - why is the younger brother calling?- coming, sir. - come here.- sir. who has done the decorations? i have, sir. silly fellow, why haveyou not used any green flowers? sir, leaves are green not flowers.

don't argue with me. you have no sense of are foolish. wonder what brother-in-lawsaw that he hired him? he is trying to teach me. crazy chap. - hey.- i am waiting outside. get the bags. every fool considershimself to be smart. i have travelled 36 countries. even famous weddingplanners take my advice.. ..and this fool is trying to teach me.

let him get upset.why are you getting angry? am i getting angry?who says i'm getting angry? no, i haven't seen anyoneelse talk so sweetly. - i just..- why don't you speak.. ..what is actually in your mind? - sir, if money..- i don't want the money. i will beg if needed.i will play the guitar on the streets. you also have a job of collectingthe pennies that people throw. - baby's fees..- she won't study.

she will quit studies andclean utensils in people's houses. - this crazy fellow..- brother's treatment.. ..who is roaming around.. my brother will also keeproaming in similar fashion. - give it a thought.- keep your mouth shut and get the bags. - hello.- bunny. yes, speaking. what has happened to your voice? - nothing.- how are you?

- hope everything is all right.- yes. - listen, i'll get the bags.- is pari all right? she is fine. has gone to school." mother and i were talking about you.take care. i will return in two days. then we will pay pari's fees. i hadn't called for that. but, sister-in-law,i had come here for that reason only. i'll hang up now.give my love to mother.

sir, on second thoughts,green flowers is a good idea. - it's a fantastic idea, sir.- yes, sir. if you can tell me where youwant them kept i will arrange for it. - do one thing, het a bunch of flowers..- yes, sir. and i will tell you afterlunch where they need to be kept. definitely, sir.we'll be waiting for you. he headed for lunchin between the conversation. seems like he hasn't eaten for ages. let him go wherever he wants to.

param, under no circumstancesshould this marriage get cancelled. this marriage won't take place. she has bad luck. the first engagementbroke within three months. the wedding is inthe evening and now this. no one can do anything about it. what happened, sir?what is the matter? actually, we were supposed to give rs.2 crores as dowry. 1 crore before marriageand 1 crore after the marriage.

we are talking about 1 crore. all the money was kept in a suitcase.. ..and brother walkedaway with the suitcase. who? mr. raman?- yes. why the respect? the boys are very choosy. suits from armani only.sweets should be only bengali. plenty of rules. why don't you speak withyogesh and try to convince him? actually, more than hisfather it is yogesh who is choosy.

the other day he saidi won't ask for dowry.. ..but at the same timewon't refuse if you give it. if we don't give the dowry theywill break the marriage. understand. - wonder what will happen?- go and tell them the truth. - they will break the marriage.- so let them do it. - are you crazy?- don't shout. what else can i do? i shared my problem andyou are talking senseless. is it?

three months agowhen i had asked you.. break the engagement with him,you had agreed. why are you screaming now? that was only an engagement.this is a marriage. so what? n one ceremony the girl gets thering and the other a nuptial necklace. that is the only difference. sir, it is not aboutthe weight of gold. it is a matter ofthe family's prestige.

- is it?- sir, you please keep quiet. why are you dragging yourdaughter's name in this matter? sir, my father died in an accident. your daughter wasn'tresponsible for that death. today, your brotherstole all the money. it wasn't your daughter's plan. an accident whichtook place somewhere.. ..or a robbery whichsomeone else did.. ..don't blame any girl for it. please.

sir, if she was so unlucky then.. ..all of you wouldn'thave been sitting.. a five star resortdiscussing all this. give me two hours time. i willfind mr. raman and bring him here. and what if you are unable to do so? if i am unable to do so in two hours.. ..then i am not the son of mr.satyamurthy. may i come along? on the one hand the fatheris talking of breaking the marriage..

..and on the other, friendsare trying to save it. join us. where will we look for him? he can't stay without liquor for long. will he stay in such a placeafter getting so much money? yes, he will be. we will have to put in some hard work. hello. have you seen this man? no, i haven't. hello. have you seenthis man anywhere?

this man? no, i haven't.why don't you ask there? 'the sugar level is decreasing.i didn't carry along the tablets.' why am i seeing double?i think i haven't drunk enough. urgently,i will have to gulp down a quarter. - hey, subalaxmi.- yes. is he some item numberthat you are staring at him? can't you inform methat you have found him? just chill. he won't go anywhere. he is going to come this side only.

on that side is the deadend and on this, the end. i suggest steal the are as it is in the ring now. why am i flying? from where has a fifthoption come in kbc? 'i know decreased sugarlevels lessens the eyesight..' '..but for the first timei am seeing someone flying.' paramjit singh, i won't spare you. spare me for the momentand settle this matter. he rose very high in life.

welcome to india. did you all also fly like i did? where were right here. you flew from thereand landed back here. - hand over the suitcase.- no, i won't. don't beat me. i will die. i have given birth toa son to settle such matters. you all settle it amongst yourselves. here, hold this.catch!

come. come. - mummy.- wait. stop. sameera! take the bag. what are you staring at. take it. until now i only wanted the suitcase.. ..but now i want you as well. how did you dare to steal the money?

weren't you ashamed? you both are childrenof the same family. and he behaved in this manner?shameless! thief! he deserves to be treated worse. - you should be killed.- sir.. ..when your elder brotherwas in trouble you became selfish.. ..and now that your daughter'smarriage is breaking.. are talking about relations?

that day you hadinsulted your relation.. ..and today he doesn't value it. honestly speaking you haveno right to scold him, sir. those who leave theirrelatives in bad times.. ..have no right to speak about values. it is not right. i have nothing exceptfor this to give to pallavi. please forgive me. no, brother.

you faced a lot ofdifficulties because of me. ten years you lead a hellish life. when bad times fellon me i got shattered. why all this, brother? take this.. ..and do me a favour, brother. for two hours.. ..don't drink and tie the turban.. ..and get your daughter married.

i have no one but you. hey, come here. this is your property. you are the heir to it. why waste your lifebehind drinking and smoking? keep these keys. now onwards you willtake our business forward. seeing me in this state.. must feel like laughing on me.

but you didn't make fun of me. you wiped my tears. you brought us back as a family. he who gave birthto you must be a saint. bunny. actually i erred. i.. please take me with you. no. no. pallavi, yogesh isthe right choice for you.

i am not being egoisticand saying this. yogesh is a great guy.he will look after you well. this is the firstwedding i am planning. and if the bridecries in this fashion.. ..then this willbe my last wedding too. i don't know whom i will marry. but when a girl who hasrejected you comes back to you.. that feeling is indescribable. that day when pallavibroke the engagement..

..and left the ring on the table.. ..i felt that i was nothingwithout my papa and his property. zero. but now without him andhis property i am something. and yes, not a zero. i am something. i am something. - i am low on sugar.- what? i have low sugar.. since childhood. and for that i take tablets.

i don't do drugs. only those who are.. ..close to me and whomi am fond of know about this. okay. meaning.. meaning.. those who arespecial to me.. for example you. like after we getmarried and have kids.. might say thatthis diabetes issue.. marriage and kids? that.. i..i have to get my make-up done..

- yeah.- all right? - look, remove all the luggage outside..- bunny. - sir.- take this. sir, this is a cheque of rs. 15 lakhs. but you have to give us only of 10. no amount is enough for you, son. sir, no, sir. i cannot accept this,sir. please you.. these are not is my love. please. 'ajay singh who was goingto give his daughter's hand in..'

'..marriage to me,gave me pari's school fees.' take your vehicle, little ahead. this signal is talking too long. when are we getting married? does anyone ask suchquestions in traffic? the first time yousaw me with a cigarette. you got the girl married,who broke her engagement with you. in spite of being lowon sugar you loved me so much. our love story is..

- ..very different from the others.- i understood. come home with the marriage proposal. it isn't right topush things this fast. correct. one has to take decisionswisely in such matters. yes. think about it todayand come over tomorrow. subalaxmi,you have given me so much time. okay, madam sameera.

why haven't you come as yet? i was stuck in will take me another two hours. tell your papa towait for his son-in-law. - okay.- i'll be there. - hello.- hey! did you get shocked, ms. subalaxmi? don't irritate me, mr. bunny. - all right i won't irritate. your papa..- wow sweets! as it is you have low sugar problem.don't eat sweets.

my mother and fathertalk in this manner only. oh, so he is the one. 'i felt like the mouse who enteredthe lion's den for sightseeing.' i told my friend to breakhis daughter's alliance with him.. ..and i should give him my daughter? i didn't know sameerawas your daughter. - had i known then..- you would not have come here. right? bunny is a very nice man, papa. he sold all his propertyto repay his father's debts.

there is no need to beimpressed by such foolishness. not just me,even pallavi wanted to marry him. i hadn't expected thisgeneration to be so immature. man has taken birth to make money. one should buy expensive cars. one must have allthe luxuries of life. one must have a houseas big as this to live in. and even such walls to converse. this tea cup slippedfrom my hands and broke.

ask your mother to clean it. what were you saying? why don't you like bunny, papa? i am unable to understand. i have no problem if the boy drinks,smokes or does drugs in his youth. we will send him to the rehabilitationcentre and get him treated. but this boy's illness is incurable. what illness? to be good and do good for others.

such people give up everything.. ..they have and livelike paupers all their lives. sameera, as it is thereare enough problems. i do not want to argue with your papa. if you love me, come with me. - i will take you with me right away.- amazing! even after your father's death.. one can say a word about him. and you want to take mydaughter away in front of me?

are these your values?you are just putting up a farce. perhaps you don't know thatyour father was a big cheater. 'if i had a knife inmy hand at that moment..' '..then i would have killedhim and stood behind bars myself.' please address him respectfully. next time please give a secondthought before speaking about him. these days i rememberhim quite often, son. remembering how he cheated me. he only knew how tohelp and not cheat anyone.

mohan kumar mishradoes not speak with proof. this property was soldto me by your father. at that time it's value was 10 crores,today it is worth 30 crores. but the remainingpapers of this property.. ..are with a person named devraj.. ..who has put up a board thereand forcefully taken over that land. before i could speak withyour father on this matter..' '..he left for heavenly abode.' i had come to your house in the hope..

'..that you would keep thesepapers and return me my money. 'a man for whom flight rates were.. ..more important thanhis own father's death.' 'why did he come to myhouse and give me advice?' 'i understand that now.' at that time you becamea good samaritan.. ..and distributed allyour property to people.. ..and kept those undervalued shares with yourself. now you tell me..

..was your father a greatman who sold such a land to me.. ..or am i a great man who didn'tutter a word of this to you until now? go.. go and become a weddingplanner and earn pennies. there is no need to lecture on values. you did all this so thatno one would abuse your father. now i am abusing.what will you do about it? will you return my money? will you? i cannot return the money but i willreturn those property papers, sir. you will get back the papers for me?

do you know who has those papers? devraj thakur. he isn't a respectable man like me.. ..who will speakto you in a nice manner. 'his second name is fear.' he rules the nearby 21 villages. the villagers consider him to be god. thousands of armedpeople are always with him. devraj thakur isa demon in human form.

just as people usetheir tongue to speak.. ..he uses his daggerto make people obey him. without his permission evenan insect cannot leave his house. so how will you get 30 croresworth of property papers from there? even though ravana had ten heads.. ..he had demonsprotecting his country.. one knew where ashokvatika was. but even then lord ramfound a way to reach there. i will bring those papers.

exactly four weeks from today.. bank officers willbe coming to value that land. will you be able tobring the papers by then? yes, i will bring them. - exactly four weeks..- one month. today is the 21st.on the 20th of the next month. it's noon just now. on the 20th of thenext month at exactly.. ..noon the paperswill be in your hands.

if you bring the papers ipromise to make you my son-in-law. you will have to garlandmy papa's photograph and apologise. you might not like what i say.. ..but you can't win yourwife's heart by breaking a cup. you need to break the wall. your father bore theloss and sold that land. mohan kumar boughtit out of his own will. now your father is no more. so how does it matter ifhe says something to your father?

ramesh, what are you saying? shouldn't it matter to me? if that was the case would i haveleft my property worth 300 crores? would i have become bankrupt? you were able to sign becausethose papers were with you. but these papersare with someone else. how will you bring them? everyone used to respectyour father except one person.. ..and that is mohan kumar mishra.the business minded.

so what if he said something wrong? will you risk your life for that? if lord ram would have thought.. ..that only one man hasbeen unjust towards his sita.. ..then only luv and kushwould have considered him as god. but today everyoneaccepts him as the lord. similarly it is not enough if.. ..only 99 out of every100 people call my father great. all 100 of them should say so.

even if the 100th person is thebusiness minded mohan kumar mishra. he will also have to accept this. let me know if you can help me in.. ..this because i amnot going to step back. wait, i will tell you. i know devraj's brother-in-law. his house is closeto mine in the village. i will speak to him. i will tell him that a partyis interested in buying that land.

on that pretext iwill call for the papers. then we will exchangethe original with duplicate.. don't look at me like that. we will keep these duplicatepapers in place of the originals. - will you make me cheat?- correct, sir. - if some meeting or..- wait! dharmaraj had lied in orderto win the battle. and you.. ..can't you cheata little for your father? i gave you the example i knew.

i don't know much about history. now you only tell me what shall i do? - should i touch your feet?- hey! try to understand. keep this. param, you also go along. - is he going to some party that i..- meaning? - yes, i can go anywhere with him.- yes, come on. go. sir, let me keep it. why are you clapping? it scares me.

so how was the new job's interview? what to say, sir.. why do you want to leave your old job? if i say i left it, it willlook like i am showing attitude. they removed me, sir. - it is satyamurthy's company, isn't it?- yes, the same one. - they are good people.- not good but very good. if you could not work with them.. ..then how will yoube able to work with others?

forgive me. take your file and leave.please leave. did you leave your previousjob or were you removed from there? if i say i left it,they will throw me out. i left it myself becausei want to be a big man like you. that family is in troubleand you left them and came to me? how can anyone trust you? - go straight and turn right.- that's how i came too. yes, leave from there only. either ways i was thrown out.

sir, can i ask you one thing? we went to ooty toget pallavi married. to marry sameera..whatwas the name of that village? - reddirapatti.- what? - it will be something..- okay, now don't go wayward. why don't we leave the country? they will cancel thevisa upon seeing you. - what?- felt pricky? - a fish can never feel thirsty..- yes.

..a servant can never get sleep.. ..on his master's pillowand i can never feel pricky. we already passed fourstations joking and fooling. very good realisation. the tune is superb. - it's senseless.- should i change it? stop it.- should i? - okay. stoped.- sleep. reddirapatti has come.get down. get down.

get down. this road is very firm. does it go to the villageor straight to the hospital? param, it was suffocating. - what a travel this was.- it was truly suffering. - hey!- hey! such a big pothole in themiddle of the road. he is crazy. such a big rod to beat me? - listen.- yes.

take it, sir. - this is useless.- hold it. they don't stop at signals. do you think theywill see this and stop? 99 out of 100 won't stop. but at least one person will stop. that's enough. accidents don't harm only vehicles. the entire family gets ruined.

you have kept a bamboo stick tied.. ..with red cloth inthe middle of the road. how long will it stay? i don't know whenthe stick will break. i don't know when the cloth will tear. but i will thrash you right away.come on. oh! both the houses look the same. wonder which house belongs to devraj..

..and which belongsto his brother-in-law? that day your friend said that.. ..devraj's brother-in-law'shouse number was six. that's number six. come. sir, that day whenwe went to the wedding.. ..your friend didn't name the bride. so he cheated you. he didn't like youcoming to the village. hence i feel thingsare not straightforward.

the house number mustbe nine and not six. are you sure, param? look.. has started rainingand god proved me right. - if what you are saying..- if you think so much.. - will we get inside?- come. let's get inside.hurry up, it's raining. did it have to rain just now? - whom do you want to meet?- mr. devraj..

- sir is inside. come in. why are we outside? let's go inside. he said he was a straightforward man. then why such hugedoors and so much security? sir, temples and jails.. - ..both have huge doors.- yes. that goon devraj's.. - is just next door..- yes.

this house belongsto his brother-in-law. go straight inside. i have spoken to him.he will get the stuff in two days. - i will inform you, okay?- okay. greetings. - thank you.- take it. we have come from mumbai. ramesh must have informed you. actually we have comewith regards to the land..

if you don't give detailshow will he understand? actually, sir, mr.mohan kumar mishra.. ..who is a big businessman in mumbai.. you do know him, sir. mt father had sold him a property. your brother-in-law devrajhas now taken it over. why are you giving somuch respect to that goon.. ..and that also byspeaking in english? he has forcefully taken over.

that low standard manhas put down his board. bloody useless fellow. he will die a very merciless death. i will curse him. - no param.- yes. we should not talk likethis in front of strangers. he is their relative.they will feel bad. he must know better than us.. ..that devraaj is such a big rascal.isn't it sir?

sir, do not think much. hold this. we have made a plan. you tell your brother-in-lawthat someone wants a site.. ..and get those papers. we have heard that he is a duffer. obviously because heuses his thumb to sign. we will keep these false papers.. ..and take the real papers to mumbai. we both have thoughtof this brilliant idea.

sorry, i know yourbrother-in-law's name but yours.. tell me your name sir. after many days i haveheard such a nice joke devraaj. ramesh had said it right. 9 means devraaj and 6 meanhis brother-in-law's house. after going to shirdi doesanyone ask whether it is sai's temple? - no, not at all.- why? because everyone knows it well. father, i was thinking that.. is not enough thatpeople just know me here. people should talkabout me in mumbai as well. otherwise people likethem will keep coming here. i want to become famous. has anyone benefittedby doing good deeds? you can become famousonly by doing bad. hey..mother, father.. will you come to my housean take my property papers? i will insert knife in yourtongue and hang you on the wall.

what was the need to come so far? if you would have askedme i would have sent it. tell me. is everything fine? i will chop you intopieces and feed the dogs. understood, rascal. you could have called.i would have sent it immediately. tell him to talk to me. - what is his name?- name.. - ..what is his name?- mohan kumar mishra.

mohan kumar mishra. isn't his greed over yet? that property is mine.that property is mine. only mine. understood. i understood it absolutely, sir. sir, sir we are just of no use. brother, why do you getinvolved in these matters? you are honest. you have come here from so enjoy here.

eat something and go. i cannot understand whathis actual character is. still you haven't understood. no one has the courageto come here like this. - hey, sister.- what do you thought. bye. give it to me. where have you come from? i have come from mumbai.

i had some important work with sir. shall i also go? did you eat food? - we will go to the hotel and eat.- hotel? we are going to stay herein this village for 7-10 days. you are like my can stay as many days as you like. - come on and eat food.- okay. will we get food? don't be scared.

he will not touchknife in front of her. till we are here she is our security. - we are saved.- gopal.. tell me, brother. do one thing.kidnap mohan, his wife and daughter.. - ..and bring them here.- okay, brother. devraaj is more dangerous than.. ..what mohan kumarsharma told about him. don't go on his smiling face.

he is a demon. a demon who poses tobe good in front of his wife. he rules the villagethat villagers can.. ..give away their livesas and when he beckons. beating,bloodshed and killing families.. an ordinary thing for him. - don't fight.- and if anyone goes against him.. ..then the next day he is dead. he is a friend of a friendbut he is death for enemies.

devraaj is an army in himself. army of bad deeds, army of crime. though he stays in villagebut gets mohan mishra.. ..and his familykidnapped from the city. i was already here but now mishra,his wife.. ..and his daughterhave also come here. i mean they have been brought here. bunny.. will you hug him in front of everyone?aren't you ashamed?

stand here quietly. brother will meet you go and sleep everyone. till now i felt thatthis property is in problem.. ..but now my entirefamily is in trouble. happy. mr. devraaj.. ..if you really wished to meet me.. ..then you would havecalled and taken appointment. you did not do right bygetting us kidnapped in this way.

it is called kidnapping in english. so what if i am not a lawyer,but know law very well. i will talk to the policeand see you in the jail. excuse me; can i make a phone call? - hello..- my name is mohan kumar mishra. i am a famous businessman of mumbai. devraaj has kidnapped me,my wife and daughter.. ..and has kept us in his house. so that is why comequickly and arrest him.

and give us protection. - i have not cracked a joke.- if it is not a joke then what is it? if devraaj has kidnapped thenhe should call to ask for ransom. i would suggest to givehim as much money as he asks for. save your life as well as will be benefitted. - what?- don't trouble me. what did he say? - he said this is not kidnapping.- how come? by tying a band around theneck of a dog does not mean we..

..have kidnapped himor have made him a captive. we are getting air tobreathe and food to eat here. water to drink and freedomto move around in the house. so accordingly it willbe wrong to call it kidnapping. the police said so. he did not understand this. which thing? they say not brainsbut bull is bigger. all this is happening because of you.

- because of you.- why are you blaming him, father? you had challenged him. so then would he callme here and destroy me. there was no need to challenge.. - ..him unnecessarily.- sameera.. ..don't fight with father in frontof everyone. it does not look nice. - stand quietly.- okay. this is because you are saying. hey, don't be bossy onmy daughter in front of me.

i don't like it. they have kidnappedus and brought us here. they may kill us and bury us here. no sir. i am there. that is what i am scared about. till he is sitting herehow will we leave from here? god knows where the hero willcome from who will finish devraaj. what is this? i have nothing to do with this attack.

- what happened?- the sack torned and fell down. nothing else. remove it. why should you do it? thereare so many servants in the house. right. wait, i will getit cleaned otherwise.. ..someone will bangagainst it and fall. bindiya, come here. now, what was this sound?

the bottle slipped from my hand. what is this?why do you behave like a child? bndiya, go and.. - ..make preparation for food.- yes, madam. "if i was the bulbul of your heart.." "..then you would bethe parrot of my heart." "if i was the bulbul of your heart .." "..then you would be.." will you keep sittingon chair the whole day?

eat food and then i haveto bring chotti home from hostel. i just had breakfast. do listen to daughter-in-lawsometimes, devraaj? you should always eat hotfood otherwise it is not enjoyable. - who are these people?- they are my friends. they have come from mumbai to meet me. they are very close. - very special.- you too eat food. you had two more brothers..

..other than veeraand you whom i had killed. that is why for five yearsi did not go to my house. i changed my nameand stayed with you.. that i can take revenge from you. that day when i threw theaxe then my aim was not veera.. ..but was you. but you escaped. you have a lot of hatredin your heart against me. so take this. - shall i get some cottage cheese?- yes, get it.

why are you staring? death never tells time and comes. it does not haverelationship with anyone. shall i give you some? - what happened?- give him. he is very shy person. eat it. it is very delicious. it is very delicious. other than his wife everyoneknows his demon nature. those aunties are better than him.

you do not open your mouth. there are many forkslying on the table. why aren't you all eating? the dead body is near and sheis asking as to why aren't we eating. i have diabetes so thatis why i am on dieting these days. okay fine. shall i give it to you? if you were so hungry thenwhy didn't you tell me earlier? if you give all piecesto him then will we eat gravy?

no, there is more inside.shall i get it? very little. does devraaj have a stomach or tank? if you speak more thenyou will not be spared. does anyone make suchpeople eat food with you? i feel like killing him. your desire is fulfilled. she did not understand what you said. this is called intelligence.

see the movie in muteand go after eating pop corn. the name of this movieshould be khooni darinda. eat it. i do not know whether sheis my daughter or someone else's. hey, where has he gone? his stomach becamefull so he went away. with the chair. lentil fell on the chair. he thought you would scold him.. that is why hetook it out to clean it. i wish my husband wasalso scared of me in this way. you.. on one hand he murderedsomeone while eating food.. ..and on the otherhand he is doing romance. he is a very dangerous man. - what do you want, laxmi?- pot of water. - wait, i will give you.- give. why did you come?there are many people who can help.

when you did not think before killinghim then why are you hiding now? i mean what if i tell sister. he will come to know everything. on the night of our marriagethe enemies killed your father. my clothes were covered with blood. do you know what yoursister-in-law said to me? after the farewelli will come to your house.. ..but if i see any stainof blood then i shall return. that is why i am tryingto remove every stain of blood.

vinay, she is my life. she should not come to know about it. my friend, you have saved my life. you did not let thematter of the house go out. what do you want in return? tell me. i don't want anything, sir. give the property papers to mr. mohan. give, give.. so you got the shock.

you gave him four weeks oftime but he did not take even a week. what has happened to you mohan mishra. oh, so you are scared of giving dowry. we are not that greedy. just bring mineral water to wash feet. you stayed for two daysin my house and saved my life. you fulfilled your duty by being.. ..a part of the familywith complete honesty. what is the value of those papers?

i will sign and give it back. today evening my sisteris coming back from hostel. i will fix her marriage withyou and give those papers in dowry. then give it to him. after hearing devraajaren't you feeling of washing? - what?- feet. he is cracking a joke. i love vani, brother-in-law. anyone can fall in love with a girl.

the day you do not sweatseeing a knife you come to me. then i will give it a thought. this shoe has becomevery tight, param. is it tighter than the situation? yes, maram. destiny.. i do not get marriedto one whom i love. someone else loves agirl with whom i get engaged. i do not understand when iwill get engaged to one whom i love. luck is favoring butbad luck is overpowering.

come here. - for me.- this is for vani. the engagement functionis in the evening. he does not know how to wear a sari. will you please help her? how will be her looks? just like her brotherwithout moustaches. she might be beautifulbut not prettier than me. sister-in-law has sent this sari.

what is your name? - sameera..- where are you from? mumbai. so you have come here from there. i have not come herebut have been brought here. take out the sari and show me. wear it and show me. so you have spoiled the sari. till i come out aftertaking bathe iron it.

i will iron it in such a waythat she would not be able to wear it. sorry, the blouse burnt. get the shoe lace. shoe lace. isn't it looking beautiful? what is happening? you must be carrying his childrenand not sweet of his engagement. hello. it is nice. how do you know thati like to eat this sweet?

- hi.- do you know fighting? fighting? then how did my brother like you? look, i don't want t marry you. i like someone else. if that is the case thentell your brother. i will go. why should i tell? if you will not tellthen he will get us married. after marriage i will stay with you.

next day i will add poisonto your tea and kill you. i will cry for some days. brother's heart will meltand then he will do as i say. i will marry vinay. i think she is absolutelya fitness freak. look at the way she is stretching. this is not stretch but stress. she wants to know whatwe are talking about. because she is my girl friend.

just tell her that youdon't want to get married to me. otherwise she will eat poison. will you eat sweets of marriage? you stayed in thathouse for five years.. that you can take revengeof the death of your brothers. you were never withus on any festival. you have returnedhome after death today. you went away without saying anything. does anyone kill inthis way while eating?

will our brother return if you cry? i will take revenge. i will send devraaj to hell. he killed threebrothers of this house. i will destroy him. hey, go away from any drama going on here? go. - we are finished.- go away. meri bate teer ki tarahchoob rahi he na tume ? no.

an idea struck my mind. gopal was killed while eating food. that's what we were told. he will make everyone eatfood at his sister's engagement. i will kill him there. the moment he eats a bite he will die. today is a very auspicious day. today we will decidean auspicious day.. ..for engagement ofyou and my sister. come.

bride, your eyes are like kohl sticks. - and your earrings are also beautiful.- enough, enough.. sit down, priest. tell me. religious chants. priest, leave the mantrasand tell me the date. only date. 6th march 2016 tell me the time. time.. 12:01 pm

fine. so the engagement of mysister and you is finalized. sing now. sing.. and your earrings are also beautiful. great. a goat is made to wear a garlandbefore sacrificing just like this. now should i call itco-incidence or your bad luck? your engagement is on 6th march.. ..and the expiry of the deadlinei gave you is also on that day.

at noon you will lose the challengeand will stop following my daughter. then at 12:01 you willget engaged to devraaj's sister. and those papers will come to me. there can be no one asunfortunate as you in this world. if anyone would have askedme the address of bad luck.. ..then i would havegiven your address. ..there is a lion. he gets pneumonia. he stops eatingnon-veg and takes rest.

seeing this, a rabbit starts.. ..dancing in front of him. the lion gets agitated,kills it and eats it. what lesson do you learn from this? - the moral is that the lion is a liar.- wrong answer. even if the conditionof lion is worst.. - one should jump in front of him.- really.. if you talk like thisthen i will not spare you. first, go and finda budget friendly hall..

..where you will getyour daughter married to me. do you think he will kneeldown and give you property papers? and will say that get married.. the girl of yourchoice and live your life. the thought is good. - this will happen now.- the date has been finalized. now she is not telling her brother.. ..that she does notwant to get married. what should we do?

look, what will devraajsay if you go and tell him? he will say okay go. what about papers? neither he will give papersnor will we be able to take them out. obviously the door is closed. - the key is not required.. - open the door.- is that the case? - we just need a thief.- really? - thank you.- now how can we find..

..a thief among them? when we have foundan owl without searching.. - autograph later..- then.. ..can't we find a thief on searching. hello.. vani's marriage? the engagement is day after tomorrow. what's app me the photographof the boy. i will see. - i am going home to my wife, dear.- tea.

this is not yours. but this is. wait, take this. the sky never bendsand baburao never stops. oh god, but take this. beautiful.. listen..i know about vaani's marriage. oh, i forgot to wear shoes. what should i tell her?which excuse should i make?

- where are your shoes?- the cow dung liked the shoes.. - it adopted them.- that day also went for jogging inshirt and came back in t shirt. i played an exchangeoffer with a thief. every day you forgetsomething or the other. i have not forgotten you.keep smiling. keep the glass and stop troubling me. - non-stop radio.- yes. - for vaani's marriage..- you are talking about the photograph.

- hello.- brother.. i have received the photograph.will tell you after seeing it. brother,the boy is standing to the right. understood. the one who is standingto the right of vaani is.. - he disconnected the phone.- give me the phone. keep the bottle. laxmi was saying something else also. if you continue hearing theneveryone wants to say something.

people keep talking. the boy is very handsome. this one.. his hair are like noodles,nose like mushroom.. strength in hands,burning in chest and storm in eyes.. he seems to be a flirt, rascal.absolutely nonsense. whatever..the boy is like an electric wire. he is just a wirebut will come to know.. ..after touching whetherthere is current in him or not.

don't cause troubleto my already troubled eyes. - go and do packing.- yes. - hey, you dark fellow come here.- thank you sir. take this and enjoy. sir, this is just the cost of petrol. i will give only forpetrol as the car is not mine. hey, this is calculation of higherlevel so you will not understand. sir, at least do calculationaccording to kilometer. if you remover kilo from kilometer..

..and lo from kilothen what remains is ki. don't misbehave. - that is too much.- he cheated me. he has the habit of talking nonsense. you do not pay attention to his talks. here, you keep the money. take it. thank you, madam. hey, you fool. don't you see around? if you would have banged against me..

..then all your bodyparts would have shaken. what is there in your hand?give it to me. - what is this?- hot water and what else. - why did you get it here?- what? you are getting yoursister married to a flirt. you should be ashamed of yourself. is there any fault in the boy?he is as sharp as a knife. but you cannot chopvegetables with every knife. if there are two girls in a house.

and you get one married to salmankhan and other to johnny lever.. ..then obviously people will laugh. take your own time brother-in-law.take your own time. i do not understand what the hurry is. he saved my life, brother-in-law. i will give ransomto two people to kill him.. ..and you go and savehim then it is deuce. he has saved your life buthas not given his life for you. you are saved andthat is most important.

you are husband of my realsister that is why you are saved. otherwise you would be dead. devraaj, a palanquinis going from this house.. do not talk about dead body. - you..- i am the groom. don't try to be smart.i know he is the groom. what relation do you have with him? he works for me. this servant is gettingmarried in this house.

you are handsome so.. - ..why didn't you get married.- what? what is so special abouthim that i cannot see? or you all are blind. since when is he a groom? not since when but why? chimpanzee number 1 orangutan. i did not like him at all. understood.

it seems as if someonehas eaten a water-melon.. ..and kept half part on the head. - child, bunny.- priest. a unwell person is called a patient. a successful man iscalled the satisfied man. one who leaves everythingis called sacrifice. and yogi. prabhash ne ek film kithi jisme uska naam yogi tha. - what?- no tension, child.

there is no need toworry when i am there. chew the chewing gum. but spit it outsideand not in the house. i am here but whyare you looking there. your size has increased suddenly. a big man will become big. low standard people cannotunderstand this. like you. have you come here for the wedding? i have come so that thewedding does not take place.

- even he does not want this marriage.- what? a girl loves him. with him and that also a girl. love.. love.. who is that unfortunate girl? nowadays the tasteof girls has become bland. true sir? the girl seems to be sweet. - yes, sir.- but why is she after that fool.

that is luck sir. violence in romance. love is really blind. a father of a girlis also drowned in pain. - where is he at this time?- there he is. in this fused hall onlyyour light is burning proper. - you..- wife.. i am her wife. go away. sunil shastri.

sameera's father mohan kumar mishra. will you not get yourdaughter married to her lover? - not at all.- correct decision. this is not marriage but destruction. - isn't it?- yes. shake hands on this note. leave aside your daughteri will not let any girl marry him. especially with younger sister-in-law. - no, no..- why?

if the marriage does not takeplace then i will not get the papers. papers.. which ones. this is the entire story. now i understood. you killed his father. - i..- or me. you snatched hisproperty for revenge.. ..and sold it to my brother-in-law. you will not get the paperstill this marriage takes place.

isn't it? great.. i told you story of 'deewar'and you understood it of 'mohabbatein' this is called talent. i did not know aboutthis talent of yours. i will narrate the story again. i hate second hand thingsand second hand stories. they are really irritating. if you want those paperswithout any problem..

then it would be fineeven if you kill that boy. i will give the amountspend on weapon. bring of stainless steelso that it does not get rusted. - welcome, welcome..- greetings. i hope you did nothave problem in coming. we can bear every problem for him. this is the identity of a family. they face all problemstogether like all of us. - give me more.- vaani..

..your sister-in-law has come. have you come alone so far? no, my husband has come with me. - and she is my daughter.- who are you? i am viraj's sister-in-law. why hasn't viraj's mother come? recently my father-in-law expired.. ..and mother is not ableto come out of that shock. she will come onthe day of engagement.

all the paper workneed to be completed. will you not greet john? i am sorry john. indians have fewer manners. especially villagers.they are ridiculous. come, let's sit. so john.. have you gone mad? will you sit in his lap? - so, he is sitting here.- sorry, john.

i told you that they are mannerless. leave it. - will you have tea?- bring it. have it, sir. where shall i give? whom shall i give? where shall i keep it? are you drunk in the morning?why did you break the cup? i thought even he will drink. - who?- johnson..

johnson is not here. feeling bad about yourbehavior he went away. he felt bad! do ghosts also feel bad? john is the secretary of my brother. he has left the job andnow only brother can see him. why can't we see him? because we are not fools. now see the fun.

- are you drunk?- the groom has come to meet you. have you seen your face in the mirror? i see it every day. why do you want to get married? which marriage? which sweet? what are you talking? why are you marrying devraaj'ssister and my sister-in-law? have you understood the matter? - now leave.- go away.

let me eat breakfast peacefully. go away. - will you have coffee?- what? coffee, sir. let this marriage get cancelled. then not only coffeebut will drink cocktail. sir, if you have thoughtso it will be done. shall i bring a cup of tea? idea, get me an idea.

stupid, idea does not meanthe phone with idea sim card. look, this phone belongsto gopal rangasingh. that means the phoneveera singh's brother. you call him immediately. we will give him such an offerthat he will not be able to refuse. - and the work will be done.- okay. are you countingbirds that have flown? i am thinking whereto dry this wet towel. oh no..

leave about towel andthink something important. i have got a brilliantidea to stop this marriage. after talking to veera singhwe will have to let his men come in. after that we will kill the groom. as it is he has to takerevenge of his three brothers. - and then.- they will kill the groom mercilessly. but will devraaj not kill him? stop. till when will you shed blood?

till when will this enmity continue? twinkle, twinkle little sword.. how i wonder is its sharpness? did you understand anything?not at all. even i did not understand. even then you put the swords down. that means there is stillhumanity in your hearts. in this jurisdictionthere are 21 villages. from today 10 areyours and 10 are yours.

leave one for me. if veera singh doesnot stop and what if.. ..he kills your brother-in-law also. i have thought about that also. hey, stop. till when will youcontinue this violence? tell me till when? if god favors then aninnocent also becomes strong. and the strongest is the best.

did you understand anything? not at all. even i did not understand. even then you were affectedand threw your weapon down. that means there isstill humanity alive in you. don't cry. we will laugh if you cry. from today 20 villages are yours.leave one for me. please.. thank you. - what about your brother-in-law?- what will happen? - he will hang with the garland around.- is that so.

shall i call? mr. veera singh. i am sunil. i am with you and he is mohan.he is with me. devraaj is not responsiblefor your younger brother's death. the future husband ofhis sister is responsible. that is why you should kill him. to kill him i willhave to go to his house. shall i give you invitation card? okay i am giving.

so go and kill him. is it easy to enter devraaj's house? tomorrow is his sister's engagement. there is party at night. the entire villagewill be present there. you send your men andi will take care of them. we will kill him while he is sleeping. he will be dead while sleeping. how will you recognize my men?

ask them to wear red muffler. next time if someonecalls you for meeting.. ..then don't come alone as ifyou have come to meet your girlfriend. you will be killed. run away from here. what is the need of givingadvice without asking? advice is always given without asking. and when it goes it goestill very far. let's go now. hi, subalaxmi, tell me.

are you getting ready for the party? to hell with the party.i am not interested. param, put perfume.the girls are going to come. sure. i will just put. why to worry about a thingwhich is not going to take place? why to take interest in marriagethat i am not going to do? param, that was notperfume but hair spray. that is to be put on hair. - put it properly.- one minute.

- otherwise the photo will not come nice.- i'll put it now. buddy, i should look like a hero. if you are not interestedthen go like this and not adorned. hey, what did you do with her? why are you asking him? hey, what did you do with him? i think you are also busycheating people like your father. what did his father do? not his father but his father.

he died leaving behind so many loans. he repaid it. yes you repaid itby donating 300crores. 300crores. was your father in mafiathat he took so many loans? i don't know how many familieshe would have destroyed.. ..that he came on the road. how must have you feltafter becoming poor. greedy. did you lose your mindafter becoming poor from rich?

actually i was satisfiedafter repaying the loan. satisfaction. i got a different kind of happiness. happiness. after i came to know that moneycannot buy happiness i was surprised. surprising also. in fact if we have to become better.. ..then such thingsshould keep happening. you do not have any money in yourpocket but still see the attitude.

actually i will prove this thing now. show me. are you scared? enough, enough.. - '..don't hit me more.- when does a person say enough? when he gets satisfied. - so the first point is proved.- yes, proved. then when do you get happiness. hey, if you hit himso much then he will die. - when i stopped you were relieved.- yes.

point two. this is happiness. when do you feel surprised?that is point number 3 don't be in a hurry. i am going to show and not just talk. - sure..- not by doing but by hitting. did you find only me to be the target? hey! - look, this is called surprise.- see. no one would like tobe treated in this way.

absolutely just said what i was about to say. after climax the end always happens. oh my god. big rod.. i brought it. okay, now keep it back. the hand was enough. hit as much as you want on the cheek. fantastic sir. this is called experiment.

i have another experiment that willchange the notion about my father. change the direction. sir.. this is toilet paper. feedback paper was your experience? if it was super then write super.. ..and if you really likedit then write excellent. you can also write in hindi. is there a competition going on?

after telling my6brother-in-law about.. ..this i will seethat you are not spared. it is time for the peopleto come with red mufflers. you just get them in. they will take care of everything. - i will see you later.- come. welcome. - wait for a minute.- wait.. wait for a moment. who are you?

whom do you want to meet? - they are my guest. let them in.- thank you, sir. did you take so manyred mufflers on discount? how are you aunty? how are you. vinay.. - let me die.- why should you die? that bunny should die. love birds.

poor thing. look, how they are standing so sad. - so sad.- hey. are you making fun of love? they are in troubleand you are laughing. if they are in trouble thenwhy don't they run away from here? before that men ofbrother-in-law will kill me. the entire village is his. and even if we cross this one..

..then the villagers ofsecond village will kill us. everyone is an enemy. on one hand your enemywill kill the groom. villagers will bebusy in stopping you. we will take advantageof that opportunity. will you be able toescape in that much time? param will wait for youat 6 in the morning in the car. don't be late. veera singh's men willattack me to kill me at 6:30

and till 7 your brotherwill finish them. then veera singhwill reach home till 8 police will enter at 9. till 10 the panchayat will sit.. ..and at 11 the sad newsof the bride missing will come. till 11:30 you will be in chennai. at 11:30 your brother willbe dejected and apologize to me. and will give all papers in my hand. at 11:45 it is auspicious timeso you will get married intemple.

at 11:50 i will keep property papersin the hand of sameera's father. at 11:55 everyonewill click your photo.. ..and at exact 12mohan mishra will say.. ..that your father is great. and will give his daughterin marriage to me. and at 12:01mission accomplished. i had made a thoughtfulplan to escape from engagement. but god had some other plan. veera singh's men whohad enterd the house..

..thought that vinay was the boy.. ..who was getting marriedto devraaj's sister. are you the groom? are you the one? by marrying devraaj's sisterhe will become son-in-law. kill him. kill him. who let you in? tell me the name. brother..

brother,he cannot do anything like that. believe me.he cannot do anything like that. what are you looking at? kill him. - brother..- get a side. leave him, brother. - brother, don't do like this.- burn it. brother, he is your brother-in-law. don't kill my husband. hey, be satisfied with theash that remains after his death.

brother, have some pity. bunny, you do notknow what he has done. by opening the doors of thehouse he allowed enemies to get in. if he did not open the doors today.. ..then someone would havebroken the wall and come inside. your sister is nothappy with this proposal. i don't love her. we don't want to marry each other. your sister cannotsay because she is scared.

and i cannot saybecause i am helpless. so that is why toavoid this engagement.. ..i had allowed them inside. i had bet that i would getthe papers from you so i kept quiet. but if you burn an innocentman by sprinkling petrol.. ..then i will not keep quiet. come on, let's finish it. the dangerous demon whom ihad hidden from my wife for 20 years.. you want to instigatehim and reveal him.

you want to see what willhappen after the barriers are broken. i was going to give you propertyand my sister's hand in marriage. but now i will give you death. two questions alwaysarise in the mind of a person. why were we bornand when will we die. there is no need to findan answer to the first question. we do not think of findinganswer to the second. my countdown had begun instruggling between life and death. from 1-10, i am standing alone.

i have two ways.i have to give answer to three people. 4 weeks ago i hadaccepted a challenge. a village with 5000 people. a goon who has 600 men.. and who wants to get his sistermarried to me against her wish. 8000 yards of land. only 9 minutes of time in hand. devraaj is standingat a distance of 10 meters. come..

son, son.. my child. what has happened, son? say something, son. i do not have anyoneexcept you, my son. vaani, this is wrong way. she will always take the right path. - sorry, sir.- she made a mistake. please forgive. no, no it is alright. it is a new car, should be careful while driving.

the bumper has got stuck. - please, take it back.- okay, i will do it. you wait here. - shall i push it?- yes. take it back. hey, get back. you sit in the car. - kill everyone.- fast, fast. no one should escape.

- let dead bodies lie everywhere.- hurry up. hurry up.sit in the car. veena.. she is absolutely fine, uncle. but you.. ..because of me. i am calling for the ambulance. we will admit you to oneof the biggest hospital in mumbai. i have an important work here.

tell me whatever work you have. child, i had solda property to my friend. someone illegally took over it. he belongs to this village. i have to talk to him andrequest him to leave this land. you have not done this purposely. if i do not do anything afterknowing it then it would be cheating. and i have never cheated anyone. i don't want to do anythingthat would cause loss to my friend.

- i want to talk to him.- who did this with you? you just tell me the name. mybrother will handle everything here. it is an accident case, where is he? - that side.- i have to take their statement. his condition is very bad. if police takes you madamthen brother will kill us. hurry up and come. no.. your father died because of me.

now don't give yourlife because of me. after that accident i am livingeveryday with this burden on my heart. i cannot tolerate it more. no, brother, spare him. devraaj, the story endswith the attack of the knife. leave the knife and start a new story. your father was avery kind hearted person. he was thinking of someoneelse's benefit at his last moments. i can kill 100 people with a sword..

..but i do not know how tosave someone's life with my hands. but he knew it. the greatness of yourfather is not proved.. ..from the fact thatmy sister is alive. the happiness of housecannot express that. the decoration of thishouse fades in front of that. if these papers arethe proof of this.. ..then keep them. i am not doing any favor.this is your right.

this is not my kindnessbut the greatness of your father. it is exact 12o'clock.your limit is over. for these papers i putmy daughter's life in danger. behaved like strangers with my wife. because of a mean personlike me your father died. because of a stupid like me. repentance is the biggest apology. did you see.. ..that my wife who did notspeak a word to me for last 15 years.. now talking to me? everything has happenedbecause of your father. he was great. father, you gave birth to me. you gave a new life to that girl. the person who once hatedyou is praising you today. you made me meet thatgirl who loves me a lot. if we do well to othersthen good will happen with us. hey, since long i am calling you.

why aren't my men picking up my phone? your men have kidnapped someoneelse thinking him to be the groom. - and because of that they are dead.- what? are they dead?tell me the truth. are they dead? dead.. i mean they are not moving. good, that our payment got saved. i am coming. i will not leave till isee devraaj dead. you wait there. how are you driving?

illiterate fellow. i will not spare you, devraaj. hello, hello.. one should not talkon phone while driving. stop, stop..stop.. - hi, bunny.- sir.. come you are here? - what is this?- nothing. mohan had told me that you had keptsome shares against your property.

the value of thoseshares is 500crores today. yes. have become richer than before. now you do not need anyone's help. you can make your father proudfrom the house which you had sold. i could have toldyou this on the phone. but i wanted to see yourreaction after hearing the news. i cannot believe it. - sorry, sorry..- it's okay. sorry, sorry i made a mistake.

take care. for removing our problems.. ..and father you made these uselesspapers in my hand worth million. this is my story.every story has a hero. the bigger the problems hesolves the bigger the hero he becomes. anyone can be this hero. even a common manwho has strong desires. you changed thedefinition of greatness. you are the hero of my story.

you are a hero, father. i am proud to bethe son of satyamurty. the values that yougave me are my assets. i fulfilled the promisethat i did with pari. within one year we got our house back. the jewellery of sister-in-lawcame back to her. brother became well andmother started laughing again. - mr. sunil, when did you come?- thanks. if you were not there then mybrother-in-law would have killed me.

i came here straight from the village. who is he? have you forgotten?we met the other day. my secretary john. i can see him so thatmeans even i am mad. i will have to goto doctor immediately. come on.

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