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Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathroom

Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathroom

- hey guys, i have a tiny bathroom, which i'm sure a lotof you might relate to. so i came up with a fun,easy, and super cute diy to store all of our accessories. and i'm gonna show you how to make it. for this project, you're gonna need, a hammer, s hooks, some pipe, brass plumbing elbows, brad fasteners, leather strips, leather hole punch,

and some craft flower pots. let's get started. the first step is putting thebrass elbows onto the pipe. this'll be your mounting bracket. it already has holes, soit's easy to drill in. i had 24 inches of space in my bathroom, so i had this pre-cutpipe already at 24 inches. just slide them on, nohammering or nailing. now that you have the hangingrack done, set it aside,

and we're gonna make thehangers for the organizers. i usually guess on this partbecause i think it's pretty easy to eyeball. you just want to get yourleather punch and your hammer, and put a little hole in the center, about a quarter to a half inch in. and then you hammer. (gentle pounding) makes a perfect hole.

you lay one over theother and do it again. repeat it on the other side. (upbeat music) and you're ready to hang. you grab a brad, put one piece of leatheron top of the other, put it in, tighten it up. and you have your hanger. the back hole will be for the hook

that'll go around the rack. pretty easy. this is probably one ofmy favorite projects. i'm just gonna do the brads on the rest of the leather straps. and then all that's left to do is hang it. my favorite part about this project is, you can customize itto however many things you want to hold.

i have three containers, idecided to make three holders. i'll have another extrahook to hang a necklace or whatever i feel like hanging. it's functional, it savesspace, and it'll save time in the morning when i'm getting ready. hope you like the video, please subscribe and leave comments below. thanks guys, bye.

Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathroom

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