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Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

our space-saving shelves provide handsome display space for your favorite frames, artwork, and decorative objects. each shelf and ledge is secured to a wall using what is called a simple mount. follow these steps to install your ledges and shelves properly. your ledge or shelf will come with a wall mounting bracket with bubble level channel and bubble level, and a fixed mounting bracket, stud-mounting screws, toggle anchors for drywall only, and toggle screws for drywall only. you will need the following tools. stud finder, number 2 philips screwdriver, or drill with philips drill bit, pencil, measuring tape. determine the desired placement on the wall, and us the pencil

and use the pencil to mark roughly where the top of the shelf or ledge will fall. within this desired mounting location, locate the wall studs using the stud finder, and mark the location of each stud with a pencil. you will use at least one of these studs later. insert the small bubble level into the level holding channel of the wall mount bracket and orient the bracket so that the line of holes are positioned above the level holding channel. position the wall mount bracket against the wall, and adjust the bracket side to side until one of the mini holes aligns with the stud marks. one or two studs may overlap with the bracket, depending on the length of the product

once aligned with studs, use the bubble level to make sure that the bracket is level on the wall, and then use a pen or pencil to mark the one or two holes that align with studs, the bracket itself next to the stud-aligned holes above, and the wall through the holes located at each end of the bracket, for the toggles. set the bracket aside, install the toggles into the wall, at the toggle marks previously made using a screwdriver. continue rotating until the large flange becomes even with the surface of the wall. do not over tighten. return the bracket to the wall, aligning the end holes with the installed toggles.

insert a toggle screw into each toggle, and tighten until it becomes tight. us the screwdriver or drill to install a stud-mounting screw directly into the wall, through the one or two bracket holes that align with studs, until tight. the wall-mounted bracket is now mounted to the wall. lift the ledge or shelf against the wall, so that the mounting bracket attached to it is located above the wall-mounted bracket. lower the ledge or shelf down so that the two brackets engage each other. firmly tap the shelf or ledge along the wall, to tighten the bracket engagement. your ledge or shelf is now ready to use.

Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

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