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Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Small Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Small Bathroom

[ intro music ] hey everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm mark lotz and you’re here with discoveryour home. so i want to talk to you a little about homeimprovement needs, things that we are seeing in the industry, challenges, trends, thingsthat we can kind of send your way, get you some information in your hands, hopefullyhelp you out in your remodeling and home needs in your home. let’s talk bathrooms okay.

not the most exciting room in the house causeyou usually doing some business there, but you know showering and stuff so, but we wantto make it look really fancy and beautiful and you know make it worth our while. so what are the trends that we are seeing? a lot of homes that we work in now are really,they have gone a lot of homes that we see are large soaker tubs, smaller showers, 80to 100 square foot, there’s usually a master bathroom. a lot of folks are looking to get rid of thatbig soaker tub because they never really use it.

we always find that the same story that ihear when i go in a new customer's homes, they are we use it the first couple of years andthen the kids got in there and they squirt a little soap in the jets, and the jets bubbleup and there was you know suds all over the place. so we don’t really use it as much as wewould need to. so a lot of times now we are getting rid ofthose and we are putting in these large walk-in-showers. some of our customers are getting a littlemore seasoned, so they want an area where they have easier access to their shower areawhich is totally understandable, cause some of these showers you would be quiet, i'm apretty big guy so i mean you walk in some

of these showers and the door is only 24 to28 inches wide. it’s not a lot of room to get into thesesmaller showers. so we are doing a lot of walk-in-showers withbigger doors. in some cases some with no doors. so what you want to look for if you are goingto go ahead and do something of that nature, a lot of the shower bases or shower pans arewhat we call a poured pan or a concrete base. so it’s kind of a sandwich effect there. so it’s a concrete then a liner in between,a membrane and then another layer of concrete and then go ahead and put your tile on top.

you can see it in a lot of pictures on houzzand just go on the internet and you will find them, but that’s the trend that is reallyhappening cause it really gives that master bathroom or even that guest powder room areal fancy feel, of kind of that 4-star hotel feel in your homes. so that’s really the trend we are seeing,is getting away from the smaller things in, that are in you know the bathrooms and goingmore towards you know these poured shower pans. now whether it’s you or you are having acompany come in and do that poured shower pan, and this is just something we kind of raninto on a project for a customer that wasn’t so fortunate.

let’s just leave it at that. what will happen is if the pan is not pouredcorrectly and it’s not pitched or sloped to the drain, you will have areas in the showerbecause you have to understand some of these shower pans, you are talking 6 feet long by3 feet wide. so you are talking some pretty sizable space. so there are areas for water to sit if thatshower base is not been sloped or poured properly. so what can kind of the problems be for youif it’s not poured properly? one, you'll have standing water okay. you don’t want standing water, it wearson any sort of material that it’s sitting

on. two, mold and mildew okay. you are going to see areas where you are goingto get a little mold, a little bit mildew which smells, it’s not good for your health. so you definitely want to make sure that whenit’s poured, or when it’s poured say by your contractor make sure it’s tested andmake sure that it's sloped down properly, because if not you’re going to be very unhappy becausethe solution is not something you really want to hear, because it can cost you some timeand some money and depending upon how bad it is.

so it’s kind of a semi-permanent thing onceyou put it in place. so very important. i cannot stress that enough. we want to make sure that when you go andhave it done make sure you are fully informed on what you need to do to get the proper material,and make sure that you take your time in making that decision on wanting to do it becausenot everybody necessarily wants say a poured pan. it’s just what we are seeing in the marketplace. the trends that are kind of moving forward.

also we are seeing a little more of some ofthe technology side of bathrooms kind of coming into place. one thing we just recently put in is a exhaustfan that has a, how would i describe it? a shut off for humidity. so if the, literally the fan will click onwhen you get all that heat and moisture up in then and then will eventually shut itselfoff. it’s really kind of a nice feature. so hopefully this is just a start of our program. hopefully it can help you out, answer somequestions.

if you have questions please shoot them onback to me. i would love to hear from you. hey it looks like mitch is out there reachingout to us. hey mitch thank you for your comments. you are the best. love you my man. hey if we can help you just give us a shout. thanks again i'm mark and this is discoveryour home.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Small Bathroom

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