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Bathroom Remodel Pictures For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodel Pictures For Small Bathrooms

for stage 1 of our bathroom makeover, we'regoing to start simple. we'll show you that there's a lot you can do on a small budget. first, the obvious, the wall color. new paintcan really make a difference in an old bathroom. we love this color...and it will look great until we completely renovate down the road. if you need to repair the drywall, do it nowbefore you paint. cover small holes, with a little patch compound,let it dry, sand smooth, and touch up with primer.learn out how to repair larger holes at lowes.com/howto. also before you paint, remove any cover plates,lights, or anything else that might get in

the way. don't forget to turn off the electricat the breaker. make sure the walls are clean and use painter'stape and tarps to protect anything that you don't want painted. check it out. new paint really makes a bigdifference. if you don't love your vanity you have twochoices, replace it or paint it. painting is a budget-friendly optionfor a new look, and later on we canreplace it as part of our bathroom remodel. after painting, add a finishing touch to yourvanity with new pulls and knobs. all you need is a screwdriver to replace them.

you can also give your sink area more personalityby updating your mirror or revamping your old one with a custom-madeborder. here's how. cut some moulding to fit around the mirroredges and paint all sides, even the back. lay the moulding on the mirror to check forfit. set the pieces aside. then run a bead of construction adhesive aroundthe edge of the mirror. press the pieces into the adhesive and let it dry.rehang the mirror and voila. for the shower, a new curtain and curved rodmakes a big difference. and a new showerhead to replace a crusty oldand outdated one can makes a difference not

only because it's going to look better, butenhance your shower experience. there are lots to choose from at lowe's -- somesave water, some have massagers, some actually simulate rain, and some even let you streammusic into your shower—how cool is that? new storage cabinets will help keep everythingin your bathroom nice and tidy. if you're looking to add extra space, trya tall, skinny cabinet, floating shelves, an over-the-toilet storage cabinet or evena medicine cabinet. and finally,some new accessories and some cool art for the walland your old bath has a completely new look! you can find out how to make your bathroomshine by watching other videos in our bath

remodel series at lowes.com/howto.

Bathroom Remodel Pictures For Small Bathrooms

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