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Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

like many of us in the twin cities you arelooking to remodel your bathroom. whether it's to update to a more modern look, makeit easier to clean and maintain, or to make your bathroom more accessible and safe. and in your searching wouldn't it be niceto find a website where you can mix and match different design ideas to see exactly whatyour new bathroom would look like with just a click of your mouse? well.... let's do justthat. -welcome to great lakes window and siding,minnesota's exclusive bath planet dealer. this family owned operation has been helpingthe folks of the twin cities beautify their homes for the past 20 years. they have a beautifulshowroom in apple valley, in addition to the

online design studio you are about to discover -ok .. let's show you how to design... firstyou'll pick which shower or tub design you want. change the wall surround color, mixand match that color with the new color of your bathroom walls. pick your curtain rod,shelf style, and fixtures from a variety of beautiful options. want a grab bar? add it....removeit, add a different one, remove that one too, or not, change the color again, change theshelves, what the heck, go crazy. there is no better way to see what your new bathroomis going to look like than to …..well.....see it. -oh yeah before i forget, all of these optionscome with a lifetime warranty, are backed

by the good housekeeping seal of approval,and financing is available....which is ...pretty nice. now, when you're done designing, print outyour concept for future reference. then go to back to great lakes window and siding'swebsite or just call ‘em and speak directly to an expert who will be happy to answer anyquestions that you may have. -if, after chatting, you would like them tocome out to your home for a free consultation, just say the word. they are happy to comeover, listen to you, give their professional feedback and put together a great design…allfor free. they will also prepare an exact quote for your bathroom project so there areno suprises.

i don't know, if it was me, and since thereis nothing to lose....i'd see what these good folks have to say. have fun and happy designing.

Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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