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Best New Bathroom Designs

Best New Bathroom Designs

where i'm from, in japan, a lot of people can use the bathroom area at the same time. so i can be using the sink and somebody else can use the bathtub. and somebody else can use the toilet. so, the next things about the sink is you can take this off, put this on,

and then you can wash heavy stuff or even babies in the sink. in japan, before you go into the bathtub you have to wash your body. when you wash your body, you can just put this on. you have a nice seat and you have a bucket that has a handle so you can take the water and put it on your body

so the next thing about the sprayer you can spray everywhere. [splish, splash] i don't care. after you clean yourself you can go in the bathtub and sometimes you put a special powder. let's put it in. you put the powder in this lid.

this is a special ka-boom. wow! exploded! the bathtub is so nice and hot. and how to make the bath keep warm is you press these control buttons and it stays warm. if you're in danger you press this button.

[beep, beep, beep] [machine responds in japanese] and if you want to call somebody [continuous beep] there's also a control panel in the kitchen. when you're washing the dishes, you can set the bath water. everybody can use the same bathwater because everybody washed their bodies

before they go into the bathtub. and you can use the bathwater to wash your clothes. yeah, the washing machine just sucks the water up. once you're done washing your clothes, you can dry them in the bathroom. [fan turns on] thank you for watching.

i'll see you next time. bye. and one more thing i forgot to tell you. if somebody poops in the toilet, it doesn't stink in our rooms. and there is a sink behind the toilet. let me show you. [dad]: hey! i'm sorry.

and here is the sink. [dad]: come on! turn it off!

Best New Bathroom Designs

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