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Cool Bathroom Decor Ideas

Cool Bathroom Decor Ideas

if you’re looking for some creative waysto dress up your home a bit, here are 21 of them that you will really enjoy! we realize that not everyone has the fundsto buy all new furniture each time you’d like to redecorate, so we’ve come up witha few diy projects that are relatively inexpensive and can be fun to do on a rainy day. here are 21 diy projects that will make your home look more spectacular by kerry smith. 1. lay peel-and-stick vinyl flooring – if you’restuck with an ugly floor you hate, but you

don’t have the money or energy to retilethe entire floor, try peel-and-stick vinyl flooring. in this example, wood flooring is used. and it only costs .98 per square foot! it is easy to install and leaves a beautifulfinished floor when you’re done. just be sure to follow directions carefullyor your new floor won’t stick! 2. install bead board wallpaper – one coolway to save money while making a room more pleasant is to use bead board wallpaper.

this is definitely cheaper than using woodto get some great texture on the walls and add something new to any room. one easy hack to making it look like a professionalproject is to use molding to cover the uneven line where the bead board wallpaper ends. do this and your room will be instantly brighter! 3. ditch the colorful 1960s-style bathroom fora repainted modern look: stuck with a bathtub or bathroom tile colorthat reminds you of something out of the brady bunch?

here’s an easy way to redo that color ina way that won’t break the bank. using a tub and tile refinishing kit, youcan redirect that love from decades ago and come out with a beautifully finished tub andtile. your bathroom will thank you for the update! if you’re not sure if it should be a diyproject or one that will require a professional job, call in a pro to take a look. they’ll be able to tell you if your currenttile is up to the challenge! 4. paint your tile in a cool pattern – whetheryour tile is really bad off, or you’re just

looking for a fresh new look, you can easilypaint the tile that’s already there. this easy tutorial shows how you can inexpensivelyrefinish your tile using special tile paint and a few other basic tools. you can even design your own pattern! 5. update your bathroom light fixture – oneeasy way to change those ugly metallic light fixtures into something a bit more welcomingis by using a simple metallic paint. if you prefer not to take the fixture down,you can just brush on the paint. use an oil-based metallic paint for a coolfinish to this easy diy project.

you’re left with a cool new look to yourlight fixture. you can also get creative with different shapedbulbs for a specialty look! 6. drawer and cabinet knob updates – one quick-fixto give a new look to your kitchen or bathroom is by adding new knobs to cabinets or drawers. find some that you like—hardware storesusually carry tons of different options. check out the tutorial link inside descriptionarea for how-to. 7. laundry-and-mud room quick fix – here’sa super-fast and easy way to think about how

to make this space more pleasant. 8. liven up your entry way – if you don’thave a mud room entrance, get your entry way organized and beautified in a few simple steps. clean it up by creating an organized spacefor shoes, coats, hats, or even designate where each member of your family should hanghis or her things. here are some super cheap hooks that willdress up your entry way. 9. use bead board wallpaper on kitchen cabinets– another way you can use bead board wallpaper

other than on the wall is on your kitchencabinets. it gives a unique texture and a cool new lookto some otherwise drab cabinets. slap a new coat of paint on after installationand you’ve got a whole new kitchen for cheap! 10. bead board a new accent wall – want an accentwall, but don’t want an obnoxious color? here’s a cool way to add texture to an accentwall using the same color as your other walls (or whatever you prefer). bead board wallpaper isn’t very expensive,and it adds a fun texture to your wall. 11.

paint your cabinets – if your kitchen needsan update, one cheaper way to get a whole new look is to paint your cabinets. but painting your cabinets can be daunting,so check out this tutorial for how to do it the right way. there are some specific tips you’ll needto pay attention to or you’ll be left with a hack job that looks runny or half-done. if you do it the right way, you’ll comeout with a whole new feel to your kitchen. more detail inside description area. 12.

use peel-and-stick tiles to make your backsplashlook brand new – here’s a great way to get that fresh backsplash look in your kitchenwithout calling in the pros. you can diy by using a self-adhesive tile. it will take some time and careful attention,but the end result is a beautiful new backsplash. it’s removable, so it’s renter-friendly— yay! the prices vary depending on the specificcolor options (in the market it’s called tic tac tiles peel and stick wall tile insubway white) 13. add a new kitchen island – here’s a coolway to turn an old dresser into a handy kitchen

island on wheels! okay, you thought we meant to go buy a newone, right? nope. use something you already have, like an oldcabinet that’s been in storage. give it a paint job to the color of your choiceand use it in the center of the kitchen as a new island! you can match it up by installing a countertop to the top of the cabinet for a great surface! ikea get you covered in this case.

14. switch out your light fixtures for new ones– if you have old light fixtures, or even new ones you just hate, switch them out witha cool new one in this easy diy project. it will require some basic wiring technique,so if you’re uncomfortable doing that, find someone who feels confident. the end result is a cool lamp-shade fixturethat will make your room look unique. 15. create a custom accent wall – use stencilto create your own wall pattern in this tutorial. though it will take a significant amount oftime, this is worth your while if you want

something truly unique and don’t want touse wallpaper. be prepared to make a few mistakes, but rememberthey can be touched up. it’s cheaper than paying for a wallpaperinstallation, and you can do it over the course of a weekend if your wall isn’t too large. if you don’t want to make your own, youcan find a high-quality stencil at royaldesignstudio. 16. give your standard wall artwork a sleek glossylook – art resin. the coolest stuff in your craft store (wethink so, anyway)! in case you find something stuck in your first coat of resin,

here’s some good advice to heed: 17. dress up your stair railing with gel stainand paint – take your 1990s style staircase to the next level by changing the look completely. it can be a big project to take on...maybefor you that means removing some carpet, or just repainting the railings. 18. add a custom runner in your favorite fabric– dress up your staircase with a cool fabric runner of your choice.

careful when choosing your fabric—there’sgoing to be a lot of it, so make sure it’s both doable for the eyes and the pocketbook! in order to find out how to attach it, checkout tutorial provided by desinsponge. 19. transform any door you want into a slidingbarn door – if you’ve been watching fixer upper, you know sliding barn doors are in. and who doesn’t want to slide open somechic wooden doors? amazon is where you can find sliding doorhardware kit that you don’t have to take out a loan for.

in this super short tutorial, you’ll learna few different methods for a sliding door that may be a bit easier than drilling throughsome touch materials: more detail on this, check link under this video. 20. overhaul your faded garage door using gelstain – here’s an easy way to refinish your faded garage door using only three things-a power washer, some gel stain, and a paintbrush! you’ll start by cleaning the door well toremove any grime that settled on it. choose a gel stain carefully and test it outon something small first before you douse your garage door in it!

next, paint it on with a brush, going withthe grain of the wood for even coverage. make sure you do this on a day where it’snot in direct sunlight, as the gel dries quickly! and last, 21. create a new look to your plain-jane door– using some simple plywood and a few tools, you can add some texture to your flat doorby creating a frame and some straight bars across the door. you can add as many cross-panels as you like. after you have the new frame in place, you’lldo a quick sand and paint before you’re

all done. to learn how, check out jennifersquires blog. that’s it with so many options on fun diy projects toadd some pizazz to your home, we feel sure you’re spinning with delight. knock them out one by one or do a major overhaulfor a home that makes you happy. don’t forget to like, share, and commentthis video before you leave. and as always, if this channel is new to you! subscribe to this channel to stay up to dateon new projects

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Cool Bathroom Decor Ideas

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