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Design Your Own Bathroom

Design Your Own Bathroom

-my designer says, you reallywant to have a sauna, and i'm thinking, why would i possiblywant to have a sauna? my name is [? livru ?] [? victorusu ?]. i'm a builder in manhattan. the idea of having a sauna inmy own home was a concept presented to me when i wasrenovating this space. and i proceeded to research-- so i could state with scientificvalidity--

all this money, do i wantto waste it on nothing? i mean, that's berealistic here. i'm researching it, and i'm notfinding reason to say no. as a matter of fact, i'm findinga mountain of data that sustains that the mostnatural of the body's detoxification process-- which is to expel toxins outof the body through sweat-- is triggered when you areat rest and sweating. i'm resorting to largerpieces of material.

both because of their emissionproperties, and because of the ease of installation. in this particular sauna, wehave 990 watts of power. so we've got these sectionsof walls-- on three sides-- coming around that's heated,operating temperature between 180 and 190, and that results inan ambient air temperature of about 100. when you first walk in here,there isn't an instant feeling

of, whoa, and it takesperhaps two, three seconds until you perceive-- indeed- there is heat coming. and then within tenseconds it's whoa. for the first half hour, i canjust sit in the heat, and then i need to cool offa little bit. and once i turn the water on,i'm obviously splashing water on the walls. and as that water evaporates,it gets steamy in here.

so the quality changes from adry sauna to a wet sauna upon command, and i just make moresteam by spraying some more water on the walls. so now, i flip over to the otherside and i'm like, i have to have a sauna-- i can't live without it. i will do construction-- the toxin, the lead,craziness, i'm breathing this in.

i've got to detox. -if you love home and design,and want to see the new cooler, hipper, channel-- -check out spaces tv, and don'tforget to subscribe. -click the button right here.

Design Your Own Bathroom

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