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How To Design A Bathroom

How To Design A Bathroom

so, i work with the client we're workingon their shower, they're building their dream shower. i ask a lot of questions about how theyuse the shower - what are their dreams? what was their last shower lacking? so, whether it's larger niches because they buy the big shampoo bottles, or if it's a ledge to shave their leg, or if it's a full bench if they want to sit down, if they are older, or if they anticipate that need to sit down. we talk about if you like a steamyshower - if you want an actual steam shower... but all those elements we build into theshower. get your one list. things that you would like to have, thingsyour friends have that you wish you had;

all those can be implemented in yourshower. you just plan ahead, think about that because this is how you start your day every day... in the shower. make it exactly what youwant it to be. the direction things are going now...ten or fifteen years ago people had more walls in the shower, nowthey're taking the walls down, we have a lot more glass, people thatprefer the frameless. of course, you have to use a thicker glass to accommodate that. sometimes if it's money issue we will do the head rails. i was justspeaking to someone - the head rails are so nice looking now they're very cleanand minimal

they're not like the old sliding glasshaving head rails. everything coordinates, there's beautifulhardware, people love that, because it's like the jewelry of the shower door. so, you can pick a pretty hande, you can pick a pretty bench. whether you very contemporary, traditional... it makes it look very special and highend and you get a nice look out of piece of utilitarian hardware. to make it simple for the consumer, whenyou're working on your own shower, companies like basco have collectionsand in these collections, they have

handles and hinges and different partsthat are married up and give you a beautiful look. the decisions are made for you. it makesit so easy, just choose your finish color. but they have things paired up to makeyour life easier and then you have that designer-looking bathroom.

How To Design A Bathroom

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