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How To Design Bathroom

How To Design Bathroom

question for you. do you have a kitchen that you'd love to change,but maybe don't have the budget for a rental right now? well, if you do, stick with me because i havefive of my favorite tips to upgrade your kitchen for a very small amount. number one, my favorite tip in sort of updatingyour kitchen and styling it is to use your cutting board as an accessory. yes, your cutting board. what i mean by this is it looks beautifulto lay a couple cutting boards together, different

sizes, different shapes, and lean them againstthe wall or near your stove. it really adds so much interest and textureto your kitchen. tip number two in styling your kitchen ona budget is change the back splash, and before you say, "no wait, that's a reno," hear meout on a couple things. now, you could do a reno. i just want to let you know that changinga back splash isn't that hard and a lot of people i know have done it themselves anddone it pretty inexpensively with things like subway tile, which is one of my absolute favoriteback splashes, but if you don't want to do that, another great option on the market isthere's actually stick on tiles.

it's literally a peel and stick and you putit over top of what you already have. it looks great and it's a fraction of thecost. then, my third suggestion for you is paintingit. i did this in a previous place of mine wherei didn't like the back splash, didn't want to change it though, and literally just paintedit the same color as the cupboards and it kind of blended all in. tip number three is put art in your kitchen,and no one ever does this and it's one of my favorite things along with the cuttingboards, is to have art in your kitchen. you can just lean a piece of art up againstthe wall or beside the stove.

i understand with cooking and cleaning andeverything like that, but it just adds so much interest. it adds color, it adds personality, and itmakes you happy when you're in a kitchen cooking. tip number four is always have greenery inyour kitchen, and one of my favorite things to do is on the windowsill is always havea little plant. if you can, i think having some herbs is agreat idea, so have a little bit of rosemary or basil, put it in a nice little pot. it freshens it up, it looks great, and youcan actually use it, as well. tip number five, last but not least, i'm sortof speaking to myself with this one, is buy

a beautiful tea towel or maybe a few beautifultea towels that you can rotate. i think there's so many gorgeous linens rightnow on the market and again, when you walk into a kitchen, a lot of times your stoveis the focal point, and you see these sort of ratty old tea towels hanging from it. i am totally guilty of this, as well, buti think having a beautiful one hanging from your stove makes such a difference. so, just to recap, if you want to add a fewthings to your kitchen without doing a reno, here's my suggestions. get some cutting boards in different shapesand sizes, stack them together, and put them

beside the stove. think about changing your back splash. it can make a huge difference and again, there'soptions like peel and stick or painting. greenery. i love greenery, so think of using fresh herbslike basil or rosemary. put them in a cute little pot. art. having art in your kitchen. it doesn't have to be a huge piece of art,but a little piece of art in your kitchen,

and last but not least, a beautiful tea towel. i know these all sound like great suggestions,but now you're saying, "where do i go to get them?" i've created a little sheet for you of someof my favorite kitchen styling items that i use for photo shoots and i have a link toit below. if you like this video, i'd love it if youcould like it, share it with your family and friends, and make sure to subscribe. remember to hop on over to karladreyerdesign.combecause i do send a weekly newsletter where i share tips and diys and ideas that i onlyshare with my subscribers, so i'll see you

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How To Design Bathroom

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