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Very Small Bathroom Designs

Very Small Bathroom Designs

ready for a new bathroom, but a little tighton cash? well that was the case for us, too. yeah, our bathroom had this vintage, retrolook that might be cool for some, but it just wasn't us. so we decided a complete remodel was in order.but, we worked in stages to stay on budget, and we started with simple, low-cost ideasand moved on to bigger projects. now this is just an overview video to showyou the wow, but you can check out our step-by-step videos for all the how-to details. when re-doing a bathroom in stages, it helpsto plan ahead.

like if want to paint, but you'll need toreroute the plumbing for that new sink coming down the road. do the demo work before youpaint. simple projects are ones you can do to refreshor if you just need a bathroom you can live with until you're ready for major renovations. think about paint...bath hardware...furniturefor more storage... even a spacious new, curved curtain rod and curtain with style. now, installing tile is a more advanced project but we'll show you how. from there we moved on to replacing the toilet.

our old one used way too much water. so anew one was definitely a must. this one only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. and then we moved on to the sink area, andadded this new faucet and sink, and we also splurged a little with this new vanity. and finally, we added a new mirrored medicinecabinet and vanity light. later, we installed this beautiful wall tile. and that completes our bathroom remodel project. doing it in stages will allow you to workas timing and budget allow. are you ready to get started? to see the installationon each part of the renovation, check out

the other videos at lowes.com/howto.

Very Small Bathroom Designs

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